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When you set up outbound call settings for your agents, you empower them with the tools and capabilities required for successful outbound calls.

Within outbound call settings, you can:

  1. Assign Default Outbound Line

    The admin determines the default outbound line to use for making outbound calls. Options include:

    1. Use Company Default - This option allows you to use the account's default outbound line for this user's outbound calls. Admins can configure this setting from the Account menu.

    2. Select Manually - Select a specific outgoing line for this user by selecting it in the "Outbound Calling" field.

    3. Always Ask - Prompt the user to select their desired line before making an outbound call.

  2. Call Recordings

    Admins can select call recording preferences:

    1. Use Company Default - Follow the default setup established by the admin in account settings.

    2. Always Record - Record all outbound calls.

    3. Never Record -Disable call recording.

  3. Two-Legged Outbound Calls - Enabling this option allows users to assign a secondary number for reaching out to contacts.

  4. Voicemail Drop Library- Users can personalize voicemails and save them in the voicemail drop library.

Voicemail drop is recommended during power dialing sessions or when agents manually call numerous leads. It allows you to leave a voicemail after the beep without staying on the call.

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