Facebook Ads Integration with Aloware
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Aloware's Facebook integration will create a new contact in Aloware directly from the Facebook Lead Generation (Leadgen) form submission with all the ad details. It can also pull the existing Leadgen form submissions from the Facebook page.

Authenticating Facebook with Aloware

First off, your Facebook account should be integrated with Aloware for it to access LeadGen.

  1. From the Main Menu, select Integrations. Find the Facebook logo and click on the green Settings button across it.

  2. Activate the Integration Status by sliding the toggle to the right, and turning it green. Click on the blue Authenticate button.

  3. From there, Aloware will prompt for your Facebook account access. Click the blue "Continue as..." button to authorize access.

  4. Select the Facebook page from where you'll be sourcing your leads to head to the permissions window.

  5. Toggle the blue slider on the right for the permissions that you're allowing.

  6. Note that some Aloware functions may not work properly if you turn these options off.

  7. Facebook will indicate that it is now linked to Aloware. Click on the blue OK button to get redirected back to Aloware.

Lead Generation

  1. After logging your Facebook credentials into Aloware, you will have access to your Facebook Leadgen forms.

  2. Once it redirects from Facebook back to Aloware, you can select the Facebook page of your choosing and then Save it using the green button on the lower right-hand side.

  3. From there, you can have access to the Leadgen forms on that Facebook page, which you can click from the line selector under it. You can pull the leads there manually using the blue Pull Leads button right beside it, or you can access them directly from Contacts.

Automatic Contact Creation

From there, you can use your Facebook Leadgen forms to import contacts straight into Aloware. This way, you can utilize their contact information and reach out to them directly.

Aside from their first and last names, their phone numbers and email addresses are automatically saved in Aloware. Other information, like the Ad-ID, Ad name, Adset ID, Adset name, Campaign ID, Campaign Name, and Form ID, are also accessible.

An added optional feature is Auto Enroll. Once a lead fills up a form on Facebook, they are instantly enrolled in the selected automation sequence. This can only be applied to new leads, not existing ones.

Testing Facebook Lead Generation

Test Facebook lead generation form functionality without having to view the advertisement on Facebook.


Use the lead ads testing tool by clicking on the link - https://developers.facebook.com/tools/lead-ads-testing to create a test lead.
You should use this tool with a valid Facebook Ad Account.

  1. Login to Facebook with the same account you used to set up the integration with Aloware.

  2. Select the Page and Form you want to create a test lead from. Ensure the Aloware app is displayed in the “WEBHOOK SUBSCRIPTION FOR THE SELECTED PAGE” section.

  3. Click on the “Create Lead” button.

  4. In the “WEBHOOK SUBSCRIPTION FOR THE SELECTED PAGE,” Click on the “Track Status” button, which updates in real-time until you get a response from Aloware.

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