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How to Set Up a Form-to-Text Workflow in HubSpot Using Aloware
How to Set Up a Form-to-Text Workflow in HubSpot Using Aloware

Learn how to create a Form-to-Text workflow in HubSpot with Aloware integration. Simple steps to connect with leads instantly.

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Engaging with leads quickly after they submit a form on your website is crucial for maintaining their interest and increasing conversion rates.

By setting up a Form-to-Text workflow in HubSpot with Aloware integration, you can automatically send text messages to leads the moment they complete a form. This immediate follow-up not only enhances the customer experience but also boosts your team's efficiency by automating the contact process.

Learn how to set up this powerful feature in just a few simple steps.


  • Ensure Aloware and HubSpot are successfully integrated.

Steps to Create a Form-to-Text Workflow in HubSpot

The goal is to automate sending personalized text messages to leads as soon as they submit a form.

Sample form created in HubSpot:

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Accessing HubSpot Workflows

    1. Log in to your HubSpot account.

    2. Navigate to the Workflows section.

    3. Click on "Create Workflow" and choose "From Scratch."

  2. Setting Up Your Workflow

    1. Select "Contact-based" and then "Blank workflow." Click "Next."

    2. Hit the "Set up triggers" button and choose "When an event occurs."

    3. Define the criteria as "Form Submission" to enroll contacts who have submitted the form.

  3. Specifying the Form

    1. Click "+Add Criteria" and select "Form Name."

    2. Choose the specific form you want to trigger the workflow.

    3. Click "Save."

  4. Configuring Actions

    Define the actions that the workflow will execute upon form submission. In this example, the action is to send a text message.

    1. Click the "+" button to add actions.

    2. In the side panel, select "Aloware Cloud Contact Center". This enables the Aloware extension within HubSpot for utilizing its text sending utility.

    3. Choose "Aloware: Send a text (SMS/MMS)."

  5. Configuring SMS Settings

    Configure the message content, recipient's phone number, and any personalized information using HubSpot custom properties.

    1. Set the Aloware line from which the text will be sent.

    2. Specify "Send as" to attribute the message to an agent.

    3. Enter the message content.

    4. Provide the lead's phone number and any media URL if applicable.

  6. Testing and Publishing

    1. Test your workflow by enrolling a contact.

    2. Review the workflow settings.

    3. Publish the workflow to start engaging leads via text immediately after they submit the form.

Your workflow will look like this:

By following these steps, you can efficiently automate lead engagement through text messages, enhancing your response time and potentially increasing your conversion rates.

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