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Creating a Form-to-Call Workflow in HubSpot with Aloware Automated Dialers
Creating a Form-to-Call Workflow in HubSpot with Aloware Automated Dialers

Automate customer engagement with Aloware and HubSpot. Enhance response time & effectiveness. Dive into our step-by-step guide!

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This comprehensive guide demonstrates how to automate customer responses upon form submissions on your website, leveraging the powerful integration of Aloware and HubSpot. By implementing a tailored sequence that utilizes both Preview and Progressive Dialers, you can significantly enhance lead response time and effectiveness.


Feature Description


Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrate Aloware and HubSpot to automate responses to form submissions.

Streamline customer engagement by automating responses when forms are submitted on your website.

Aloware Sequences Activation

Activate predefined sequences in Aloware immediately upon form submission.

Ensure prompt and efficient engagement with customers through automated sequences.

Preview Dialer Connection

Establish swift connections between available agents and customers using Aloware's Preview Dialer.

Quickly connect available agents to customers, ensuring efficient communication.

Progressive Dialer Engagement

Engage customers demonstrating interest through Aloware's Progressive Dialer.

Detect customer interest and seamlessly transfer calls to another group of agents for continued interaction.

Continuous and Effective Engagement

Continuously engage customers to enhance their experience and boost conversion rates.

Enhance customer experience and increase conversion chances with immediate and continuous engagement.


  • Ensure Aloware and HubSpot are successfully integrated.

Overview of Automated Customer Engagement

When a customer submits a form on your website, this triggers a series of automated responses designed to engage them promptly and efficiently. Here’s the process:

  1. Customer Form Submission: A customer completes and submits a form on your website.

  2. Enrollment in HubSpot Workflow: The form submission automatically enrolls the customer in a specific HubSpot workflow.

  3. Aloware Sequence Activation: This enrollment triggers an action to activate an Aloware Sequence.

  4. Connection by Preview Dialer: The Preview Dialer in Aloware searches for and connects an available agent to the customer.

  5. Customer Interest Detection: If the customer shows interest by pressing '1', the Progressive Dialer engages.

  6. Engagement by Progressive Dialer: The Progressive Dialer then connects the call to a second group of agents who take over the interaction.

  7. Continuous and Effective Engagement: This process ensures that the engagement is continuous, immediate, and effective, improving the customer experience and increasing the chances of conversion.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Create a workflow in Aloware

Start with setting up the Preview Dialer followed by the Progressive Dialer. Use this guide to create your sequence in Aloware.

Step 2: HubSpot workflow

  1. Accessing HubSpot Workflows

    1. Log in to your HubSpot account.

    2. Navigate to the Workflows section.

    3. Click on "Create Workflow" and choose "From Scratch."

  2. Setting Up Your Workflow

    1. Select "Contact-based" and then "Blank workflow." Click "Next."

    2. Hit the "Set up triggers" button and choose "When an event occurs."

    3. Define the criteria as "Form Submission" to enroll contacts who have submitted the form.

  3. Specifying the Form

    1. Click "+Add Criteria" and select "Form Name."

    2. Choose the specific form you want to trigger the workflow.

    3. Click "Save."

  4. Configuring Actions

    1. Click the "+" button to add actions.

    2. In the side panel, select "Aloware Cloud Contact Center."

    3. Choose "Aloware: Enroll to Sequence."

  5. Configuring Aloware Sequence Settings

    1. Add the Aloware Sequence in the Sequence field.

    2. You can allow Force Enroll or not.

  6. Testing and Publishing

    1. Test your workflow by enrolling a contact.

    2. Review the workflow settings.

    3. Publish the workflow to start engaging leads via text immediately after they submit the form.

Your workflow will look like this:

Once a lead submits a form, it will trigger the workflow and the lead will be enrolled in the Aloware Sequence. You can view the enrolled contacts under the Sequences+ menu in the Contacts tab.

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