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Aloware simplifies contact import with DNC compliance, updates, tags, number management, and guides on template use for optimized workflows.

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Aloware facilitates efficient contact importation directly from the Accounts menu, ensuring users adhere to Do Not Call (DNC) regulations for compliance. It enables precise customization and organization through features like updating contacts, assigning tags, and managing multiple phone numbers.

By leveraging provided templates and following streamlined steps, users can effectively upload and manage their contact databases, optimizing their communication workflows.

Importing Contacts from the Accounts Menu

  1. Navigate to the Account menu and select the Imports tab. Choose between Contacts or Ring Groups, then initiate the process by clicking "Import Contacts."

  2. Confirm your agreement to the DNC regulations before proceeding and consider downloading contact templates for a structured list.

  3. Fill out the template and upload it via "Upload from Computer." Aloware will preview the first 10 rows, allowing you to assign properties to each column.

  4. After reviewing your contact list, click "Next Step" to finalize the import settings.

  5. Key Import Settings:

    1. DNC Management: Assign contacts as DNC to comply with regulations, preventing automated contact through sequences, broadcasts, or the power dialer.

    2. Updating Contacts: Choose to update existing contacts with new information from the imported list.

    3. Data Handling: Opt to save data from unknown columns to notes and manage multiple phone numbers by creating separate contacts for each number.

    4. Customization Options: Assign lines, designate leads to specific agents or groups, and use optional sequences or tags for better organization. Tags created during import can be used for filtering, sorting, and sending bulk SMS blasts.

  6. Complete the setup by adjusting the settings to your preferences, including splitting tags for detailed categorization. Conclude the import process by clicking "Start Import," thereby updating your contact database efficiently and enhancing your outreach capabilities.

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