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The Aloware Usage Dashboard is a critical tool for administrators to monitor and manage the utilization of their Aloware subscription effectively. This dashboard provides a detailed view of the consumption of different communication services and tools offered within the plan.

Understanding each component and how to navigate the dashboard can significantly enhance your administrative efficiency. Below, we delve into the various aspects of the Aloware Usage Dashboard.

How to Access the Usage Dashboard

  1. Login to your Admin account.

  2. Navigate to the Accounts tab, and click the Usage tab.

Usage Dashboard Components

The dashboard is intuitively designed to offer a quick overview and detailed insights into your plan's utilization. Here’s what you can find:

  1. What's Included in your plan - Transcription minutes used

    This section details the total minutes your organization has consumed for transcription services, allowing you to monitor the usage over time.

  2. Date Filters

    To tailor the information displayed, you can use date filters such as

    1. Today

    2. Yesterday

    3. This Week

    4. This Month

    5. Last 7 Days

    6. Last 30 days

    7. Last 3 months

    8. This Year Last Year

    9. Show All Time

  3. Export Summary

    An option to export the usage summary provides a convenient way to keep records or perform further analysis offline.

  4. Cost and Usage Summary

    By clicking this, you see a detailed breakdown of all items used, filtered by date. It helps in financial planning and budget management.

    1. Paid Usage

    2. Included Usage

    3. Quantity

    4. Amount

    1. Line Chart

      Visual representations for both cost and usage over time, offering insights into trends and helping to predict future needs.

Usage History

It presents a detailed list of all communications and services utilized, broken down by

  1. Date

  2. Item

  3. Quantity

  4. Unit Price (USD)

  5. Cost (USD)

This level of detail aids in pinpointing specific cost drivers and managing expenses more effectively.

Generally, Usage displays the following items or resources:

  • Phone Calls

    • Local Phone Numbers

    • Toll-free Phone Numbers

    • Local Minutes

    • Toll-free Minutes

    • International Call Minutes

  • SMS Messages

    • Short Code Text Messages

    • Local Text Messages

    • Toll-free Messages

    • International Text Messages

  • Multimedia Messages

    • Short Code Multimedia Messages

    • Local Multimedia Messages

    • Toll-free Local Multimedia Messages

  • Voicemails and Call Management

    • Ringless Voicemails

    • Answering Machine Detections

  • Lookups and Security

    • LRN Lookups

    • Spam Lookups

  • Emails

    • Emails Sent

  • Faxes

    • Faxes Send/Received

  • Carrier and Regulatory Fees

    • Carrier Fees for MMS Messages

    • Carrier fees for SMS messages

    • A2P Registration Fees

  • Service Enrolments

    • Sequence Enrolments

  • Miscellaneous Services

    • Transcription Minutes

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