How to Set Up a Preview Dialer in Aloware Sequences

Learn how to set up a preview dialer for automated calls, ensuring compliance and user-friendly interactions.

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A Preview Dialer is an automation tool designed to streamline the process of calling a list of contacts using a team of agents. This guide explains how the preview dialer works and provides a step-by-step setup process.

How the Preview Dialer Works

When a contact is enrolled in a sequence with a preview dialer step, the system first calls an agent in a specified ring group. Once the agent picks up, they are informed about the upcoming call to a specific contact. Then, the system dials the contact. If the contact answers, a successful call is automatically established between the agent and the contact.

This method differs from a progressive dialer, which calls the contact first and requests their consent to continue by pressing a key. The preview dialer, by calling the agent first, tends to be more compliant and user-friendly.

Setting Up a Preview Dialer

  1. Create a New Sequence - Start by creating a new sequence and naming it "Preview Dialer". Use the appropriate phone line for this sequence. Follow this guide to start creating your sequence.

  2. Add the Preview Dialer Step - Inside the sequence, add a step named "Preview Dialer". Keep the setup minimal and simple.

  3. Configure the following options:

    1. Delay - Determine when the call will be made after the contact reaches this step.

      • No Delay - The call is made immediately.

      • Default Delay - Choose the duration of the delay in minutes, hours, or days.

      • Time of Day - Schedule calls for a specific time, such as next Monday at 10 AM.

    2. Select a Ring Group - Choose the ring group that will handle the calls. A ring group can include multiple layers of agents and supervisors to ensure coverage. Read this guide to learn how to set up the ring group.

    3. Create a Message for the Agent - Write a message that will be played to the agent when they pick up the call. This message can include variables like the contact's name and other relevant details.

Test the Setup

Enroll a contact to test the sequence. The system will process the call, ensuring normal traffic flow before initiating the call to the contact.

  1. Go to the Contacts tab and click +Enroll Contacts.

  2. You can add a group of contacts based on the Line or add a single contact.

Activating the Sequence

Once the sequence is set up and tested, activate it and enroll the necessary contacts. The system will manage the calls, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

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