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Efficiently Managing Multiple Sales Teams with Aloware
Efficiently Managing Multiple Sales Teams with Aloware

Manage multiple sales teams efficiently with Aloware by assigning dedicated lines and ring groups for streamlined communication.

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As a manager handling multiple sales teams for different products, staying organized and ensuring smooth communication is crucial. Aloware provides a robust solution to streamline your team's communication by assigning dedicated lines and ring groups to each product.

This guide will walk you through the setup process, ensuring that communications are routed correctly to the respective sales groups.

Use Case Scenario

Imagine you're managing three sales teams, each responsible for a different product. You want to ensure that communications are directed to the appropriate team without any mix-ups.

Aloware allows you to set up dedicated lines and ring groups for each product, ensuring that messages and calls are handled by the right team.

Step-by-Step Guide

Setting up lines and ring groups correctly is crucial for maintaining an organized and efficient communication structure. It ensures that:

  1. Messages are routed to the right team, reducing the chance of miscommunication.

  2. Agents use the appropriate lines, maintaining professionalism and consistency.

  3. Customer interactions are smooth, enhancing the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Step 1: Setting up a Line for each Team

Set up a dedicated line for each team you have.

  1. Go to the Lines menu in Aloware.

  2. Name the lines according to the products, e.g., Product Line 1, Product Line 2, and Product Line 3.

    Refer to this guide on how to setup your lines.

Step 2: Setting up a Ring Group

The ring group will organize where the calls will be directed.

  1. Go to the Ring Groups menu.

  2. Create ring groups for each product, naming them e.g. Product 1 Ring Group, Product 2 Ring Group, and Product 3 Ring Group.

  3. Assign the respective sales team members to these ring groups.

    Refer to this guide on how to configure ring groups.

Step 3: Setting Up Line Visibility Limit of Users

The line visibility limit ensures that agents can only access the lines and contacts relevant to their ring group.

  1. Go to Users menu.

  2. Set your contacts visibility to Ring Group Only. This allows agents to see contacts based on the ring group they belong to.

  3. Set up the line visibility limit for users based on their assigned lines. Apply visibility limits to communications and contacts to ensure agents only interact with relevant lines and leads.

How Does It Work Now?

Once you have set it up, here's how Aloware handles it:

  1. Agent outbound communications

    When an agent sends a message to a lead, it will use the line assigned to their ring group.

    When an agent make an outbound call, it will only use the line assigned to him.

  2. Lead Response

    The lead will reply to the number used to contact them, ensuring the response goes to the correct team.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can efficiently manage your sales teams and ensure that all communications are handled appropriately. This setup reduces the chance of miscommunication, maintains professionalism, and enhances the overall customer experience.

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