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Customize lines in Aloware's Line General Settings: add numbers, enable MMS for long texts, verify caller ID for privacy.

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General Settings Overview

The Line General Settings allow admins to customize line descriptions, add phone numbers, and control the status of business lines. Here's how to access and modify these settings:

  1. To configure a line in your Aloware account, go to the Lines menu and click the Settings button under the Operations column.

  2. In the General Settings tab, you can make the following edits:

    1. Name - Provide a clear and understandable name for your line, which will be used in reports.

    2. Type - by default is set to Standard.

    3. Description - an optional field to provide details that tell its purpose.

    4. Send Long Text Messages as MMS - Enabling this feature will automatically convert messages that go beyond 160 characters into MMS instead of splitting them into multiple SMS segments.

      You can easily enable this feature in the Account Settings section that applies to your phone numbers. Read more about activating send long SMS as MMS in this guide.

    5. Phone Numbers - These are the phone numbers that your customers call or send messages to.

      • Add Verified Caller ID - Caller ID Spoofing is a nifty tool that lets you show a different phone number when making outgoing calls, adding an extra layer of privacy and professionalism to your communication.

        Aloware allows you to add a verified caller ID from the Lines menu.

        1. To start, access your Aloware account and go to the Lines menu. Select the particular line where you want to add a verified caller ID and click on the Settings button for that line.

        2. To add a phone number to your line, go to the General tab, and click the '+Add Number to Line' button.

        3. After successfully adding the number, click the 'Add Verified Caller ID' button.

        4. When a popup appears, you will need to select the country and enter the phone number you wish to verify. Then, click the 'Verify Number' button.

        5. Aloware will initiate a call to the provided phone number. Answer the call and follow the prompts to enter the PIN code on your mobile device.

      • Add Number to Line

      • Phone Number - Displays all available phone numbers for the line.

      • Type - Provides the type of number managed by your account.

      • Location - Shows the city or state associated with the phone number (local presence).

      • Compliance Met - Indicates compliance status for this number.

      • Line Capabilities - displays the communication type (call, send SMS, fax) your line is intended for.

      • Search - This allows users to search for phone numbers, locations, and area codes. This feature is necessary to quickly find out a particular phone number in a line, especially if the line is a local presence line.

    6. Operations - the buttons under the operations column allow admins to do the actions among themselves or through impersonation:

      • Default Caller Mask - this button only appears when you have multiple phone numbers in a line. Clients can only see the default phone number you set as the caller mask and not the actual phone number.

      • Transfer -To move a phone number to another line, access the dialog asking for the line name.
        โ€‹If you transfer the number to an existing or new line, it will no longer appear in the current line's phone number list but will be listed in the phone numbers section of the transferred line.

        • Transfer to an existing line

          • In Phone numbers, select and transfer the desired number by clicking the Transfer button.

          • Select Existing Line, and select the Lines available to transfer the number.

          • Click OK and Save.

        • Transfer to a new line

          • Select the number you want to transfer and click Transfer.

          • Select New Line, and name the new line that is easy to understand.

          • Click OK and Save.

      • Do Not Use - set phone number to do not use.

      • Unrent - It disables the phone number and will not be included in your billing.

      • Add Number to Line - It allows the admin to add multiple phone numbers to a line.

    7. Click the Save button to save your settings.

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