Managing Lines Settings in Aloware Admin

Admins customize Aloware line settings for effective communication. Includes general, greetings, routing, advanced, triggers, email setup.

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As an Aloware admin, you can customize and control your business line settings. This guide will help you understand and use the key features and settings for Lines in Aloware to improve your communication.

  1. General Settings - you as an admin can customize line descriptions, add phone numbers, and control the status of business lines.

  2. Greet and Record Settings - let you enhance your customers' experience with personalized greetings and call recordings, significantly improving their interaction with your business. To customize the start of each call, go to the Lines > Greet and Record tab and turn on the settings you prefer.

  3. Routing and IVR Settings - an Interactive Voice Responder (IVR), or Phone Tree, directs callers to the right department through automated menus. This helps callers get the information they need or connect with a live agent if necessary.

  4. Advanced Lines Settings - gives agents important benefits and ensures you comply with regulations. These features show your commitment to regulation, and protecting your reputation.

  5. Line Triggers - automate and optimize business workflows. You can set rules for calls, messages, and contacts based on different criteria, exploring practical use cases and benefits for your organization.

  6. Email Conversations - allow you to manage email communications directly within the platform. This makes it easy to send and receive emails, voice calls, and text messages, keeping you connected with your contacts in one place.

  7. CNAM - CNAM allows the name you choose to appear on the recipient's caller ID during outgoing calls, enhancing recognition and trust for you or your business.

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