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Aloware Lines' advanced settings boost agent efficiency: Whisper, Text-to-Speech, call recording, caller ID suppression, spam detection.

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Taking advantage of the advanced settings in Aloware Lines provides agents with valuable benefits while also ensuring regulatory compliance. By utilizing these features, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to following regulations, ultimately safeguarding their reputation.

  1. Whisper

    Agents can receive confidential messages before connecting with callers through the Whisper feature in Aloware Lines. This allows agents to be better informed before the call begins, leading to improved efficiency and enhanced customer service.

    1. Enable Whisper

      Agents receive important information or reminders, such as customer preferences or special instructions, via their headsets before making calls.

    2. Text-to-Speech - The Text-to-Speech prompt is played immediately when the call connects, so it is crucial to ensure that the forwarding number does not have any other prompts that might cause the agent to overlook the text-to-speech prompt.

    3. Play Recording - Agents can play custom recordings at the beginning of each call, which can include disclaimers, welcome messages, brand identity reinforcement, or compliance information. Recordings must be in MP3 or WAV format and under 3MB.

  2. Caller ID Suppression

    Enabling this option protects caller privacy during call transfers, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and maintaining confidentiality. It is especially beneficial for call centers and businesses involved in call lead generation and distribution, as it keeps sensitive caller information undisclosed in alignment with privacy regulations.

  3. Spam Detection (Beta)

    The Spam Detection feature in Aloware Lines actively blocks calls from known spammers and robocallers, providing a powerful defense mechanism. It automatically rejects these calls, preventing them from bothering the agents' phones.

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