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Welcome to the Aloware Lines FAQs!

Aloware offers a comprehensive FAQ guide on Line Settings, empowering administrators to customize and enhance their business communication processes.

Whether configuring settings, setting up IVRs, ensuring compliance, or exploring advanced features, this guide is your go-to resource for mastering Aloware's Line Settings. Optimize your business communication with ease.

General Settings

  1. How can I configure the general settings for a business line in Aloware?

    To configure a line in your Aloware account, go to the Lines menu and click the Settings button under the Operations column. In the General Settings tab, you can make various edits to customize your line.

  2. What can I customize in the Line General Settings?

    In Line General Settings, you can customize the name of the line, its description, manage phone numbers, and set options like sending long text messages as MMS.

  3. How can I transfer a phone number to another line in Aloware?

    You can transfer a phone number to another line by selecting the number, clicking the Transfer button, and choosing either an existing line or a new line for the transfer.

Greet and Record Settings

  1. How can I customize greetings and call recordings for my business line in Aloware?

    You can customize greetings and call recordings by going to the Lines > Greet and Record tab and enabling the desired settings.

  2. What are the options for creating greetings in Aloware?

    You can create greetings using text-to-speech, by uploading audio recordings, or by recording your voice directly in Aloware.

  3. Is it possible to record calls in Aloware, and how do I enable call recording for a line?

    Yes, you can enable call recording in Aloware. You can either modify the call recording behavior globally in Account settings or customize it on the user level by changing the user settings.

  4. What should I do if I want to inform callers that their calls are being recorded for compliance purposes?

    You can add a message in the text-to-speech box to inform callers that their call is being recorded.

  5. How can I set up what a line should do during calls outside of business operating hours?

    You can configure what a line should do during calls outside of business operating hours by enabling the Check Operating Hours option and choosing your preferred options.

Routing and IVR Settings

  1. What is an IVR, and how can I set it up in Aloware?

    An IVR, or Interactive Voice Responder, guides callers to the appropriate department through automated menus. To set up an IVR, go to the Lines tab and navigate to Routing and IVR.

  2. What are the different options for directing calls in Aloware, such as Ring Groups, Users, and IVRs?

    You can direct calls to a Ring Group, a User, or an IVR. Each option serves a specific purpose in handling incoming calls.

  3. How do I create a new IVR directory for a line in Aloware?

    To create a new IVR directory, enable the "An IVR" option and click "Create." Provide all the necessary details, including IVR Name and options for caller navigation.

  4. What actions can I set for IVR menu options in Aloware?

    You can set various actions for IVR menu options, including enrolling a contact in a sequence, playing recordings, routing to other lines or ring groups, and more.

Advanced Settings

  1. What is the Whisper feature in Aloware, and how can I enable it for agents?

    The Whisper feature allows agents to receive confidential messages before connecting with callers. You can enable it in the advanced settings of Aloware Lines.

  2. How can I suppress caller ID information during call transfers in Aloware?

    You can enable Caller ID Suppression to protect caller privacy during call transfers in Aloware.

  3. What is the Spam Detection feature in Aloware, and how does it work?

    The Spam Detection feature actively blocks calls from known spammers and robocalls in Aloware, preventing them from bothering agents.

Line Triggers

  1. What are Line Triggers in Aloware, and how can I use them to automate business workflows?

    Line Triggers allow you to define rules for calls, messages, and contacts based on various criteria, automating and optimizing business workflows.

  2. Can you provide some practical use cases for Line Triggers in Aloware?

    Practical use cases for Line Triggers include tagging short-duration calls, creating text-to-join campaigns, sending follow-up surveys, and monitoring missed calls and lead inquiries.

Email Conversations

  1. How can I set up email conversations in Aloware, and who can configure this feature?

    Only admins can set up email conversations in Aloware. You can configure it in the Line settings.

  2. What happens if the recipient replies to an email sent through Aloware's email conversation feature?

    Replies from the recipient will be displayed in the contact's message box within Aloware Talk.

  3. How can I test the email conversations setup in Aloware?

    You can test the email conversations setup by selecting a contact and sending them an email message using the Line where you configured the email address.

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