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Aloware enables email alongside calls/texts, streamlining business communication. Admins exclusively manage setup.

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In Aloware, you can have email conversations right from within the platform, making it easy to manage all your communications in one place. You can send, and receive emails alongside voice calls and text messages, making it convenient to stay connected with your contacts.

Whether you're using it for customer support, sales, marketing, lead generation, or general business communications -- email conversations in Aloware are a convenient feature that lets you handle your emails seamlessly.

Only admins can set your account's email conversations.

Setting up Email Conversations

Please take note that this email integration is not for bulk email sending.

  1. Login to your Aloware Admin account, navigate to Lines, and access Settings.

  2. Select Email Conversations (Beta) > type your desired email address > click the Save button.

  3. Notification of successfully added Line displays.

Testing your Email Conversations Setup

  1. Switch to Aloware Talk > select a contact (for testing purposes) in the Communications channel: via search. Make sure that the contact has an email address.

  2. On the message box, click the email link and compose your message with the subject and body.

  3. Select the Line where you created an email address > and click the Send Email button.

  4. A notification displays at the bottom of the page.

  5. The recipient should receive the email.

What happens to the email if the receiver sends a reply?

In Aloware Talk, the email reply will be displayed in the contact's message box.

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