Lines Menu: Greet and Record Settings

Customize greetings, record calls with Aloware's Greet & Record settings. Text-to-speech, call recording, TCPA compliance included.

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Greet and Record Settings

Creating professional greetings and call recordings can have a positive impact on your customers' experience.

To customize what happens when a call starts, you can go to the Lines > Greet and Record tab and enable the desired settings.

  1. Greet/Welcome Callers?

    Record customized greetings or use text-to-speech to provide callers with important information.

    When a call is connected, the text-to-speech feature automatically plays. It is important to ensure that the forwarding number does not have any prompts, as playing the text-to-speech prompt while the prompt is already playing can cause the agent to miss the text-to-speech message.

    1. Text-to-speech - Converts text greetings into speech for callers to hear.

      1. Add variable - these are caller's properties (e.g., First Name, Last Name, Company, etc.)

      2. Play recording - The user can upload an audio recording or record a greeting directly in Aloware.

        Click 'Press to record your voice' button to record directly in Aloware.

        Or, click the Drop file here or click to Upload button to add an MP3 or WAV audio file format with less than 8MB.

  2. Should Record Calls?

    This will enable users to record the call in this line. Admin can modify the inbound/outbound recording behavior globally in Account settings, or you can customize it on the user level by changing the user settings.

    You should let your contact know that the conversation is being recorded. You can add a line saying that "your call is being recorded" in the text-to-speech box.

  3. Check Operating Hours?

    Set what this line should do on calls outside your business' operating hours. If a call comes in during closed hours, you can configure what happens to "missed calls."

    Enable the Check Operating Hours option to set up after-hours voice messages and define reply text.

  4. TCPA: Ask for Text Authorization?

    Prompt the caller to press one and explicitly authorize receiving your text message. Although not mandatory, this feature satisfies most TCPA compliance requirements. Prompt the caller to press ONE.

Legal Notes for Call Recording

According to Federal rules and State regulations in the United States, you must inform your caller that the call is being recorded.

Aloware does not allow call recording without notice.

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