Modifying Agent Status in Wallboard
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The Aloware Wallboard feature for modifying agent status enhances operational efficiency and improves customer service. It allows real-time monitoring and easy adjustments of agent statuses, ensuring effective management of customer calls, promoting better response times, and improving service quality.

This feature proves especially valuable during high-demand periods, enabling swift adaptations to maintain seamless operations.

Simple Steps to Modify Agent Status

To ensure smooth operations during high-demand periods when you notice a critically low number of available agents, follow these simple steps to modify their statuses:

  1. Open the Wallboard menu, go to the Monitor section, and click on the Agents tab.

  2. Use the search function or scroll through the list under the Name column to find the agent.

  3. Click on their current status, and select "Available" from the dropdown menu to update it immediately.

By following this streamlined process, you can adapt quickly to changing circumstances, optimize your team's availability, and ensure seamless operations even during high-demand periods.

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