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Improve Call Handling with Aloware Wallboard: Queued, Parked, and Live Calls
Improve Call Handling with Aloware Wallboard: Queued, Parked, and Live Calls
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Streamline Call Management with Aloware Wallboard

Aloware Wallboard greatly enhances your ability to monitor and optimize your contact center's performance. It provides real-time data, allowing you to take swift actions and empower your team to deliver exceptional customer service.

With customizable views and comprehensive insights, the Aloware Wallboard stands as an indispensable tool for any contact center aiming to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Efficient Queued Call Monitoring

Aloware Wallboard’s Queued Monitoring section helps you manage incoming calls effectively. When an agent cannot immediately answer a call, it enters the waiting queue.

From the Queued Monitoring section, agents can quickly pick up these calls, ensuring that every customer receives timely attention and support.

Enhanced Live Call Monitoring

Monitor ongoing calls in real-time with Aloware Wallboard's Live Call Monitoring section.

  1. Admins can discreetly perform various call actions such as:

    1. Termination - Admins can end a live call if necessary.

    2. Call Barging - Admins can join a call for immediate assistance.

    3. Call Whispering - Admins can provide guidance or support to agents during their calls.

When using the call barging or call whispering functions, the user's status will automatically change to Sentry Mode.

Leveraging these features ensures quality control and exceptional customer support without the contact's knowledge.

Simplified Parked Call Monitoring

Aloware Wallboard’s Parked Call Monitoring allows any authorized user to view parked calls right on the dashboard. This functionality lets agents handle active calls that their colleagues have placed on hold or "parked."

  1. To park a call, simply click the call icon of the incoming call and choose "Park Current and Connect." This will park the current call and connect you to the new one.

  2. To unpark a call, just click "Unpark" on the parked call.

These features collectively ensure smooth call flow management, reduce customer wait times, and enhance the overall efficiency of call handling within your contact center.

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