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Understanding CRM Integration Filters and Settings in Aloware and HubSpot
Understanding CRM Integration Filters and Settings in Aloware and HubSpot

Aloware's CRM Integration Filters send targeted events/contacts to your CRM, filtering by direction, type, status, contact type, etc.

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CRM Integration Filters settings allow you to send datasets to your CRM that deal with different criteria once you sync Aloware and your CRM app (HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive, Guesty).

  1. Choose Events to Send Filters events that will be sent upstream to your CRM. Keep in mind that if you select a filter, but no options for that filter are selected, no events will be sent.

    • Direction – Filter contacts by communication direction, either inbound, outbound, or both.

    • Type – Filter contacts by communication type, call, SMS, RVM, email, note, Sys note, appointment, and reminder. You can select all or just one.

    • Communication Disposition Status – Filter contacts by disposition status, Completed, Abandoned, Missed, Failed, and Placed.

    • Contacts – Filter by contact type, either you want All the contacts, Disposed Contacts, or just select a Disposition type; Attempted Contact, Bad Timing, Connected, Contact in Future, Contacted, etc.

    • Skip Lines – You can exclude the contact lines that you don’t want to import to Aloware. Click the drop-down menu and select the line/s that you don't want to send to your CRM.

    • Duration – This filter lets you select only the contacts based on the duration of talk time that is less than a certain period of minutes. (You can edit the minimum duration of the minutes to filter.

    • Qualified Contacts – Here, this filter will only create contacts when a qualified communication from a contact passes all the filters.

  2. Don’t Create New Contacts – Enable this filter to update contacts that are already in your CRM.

  3. Don't Update Contact Information - This filter will not update fields of contact information.

    • Contact Name

    • Email Address

    • Contact Owner

    • Phone Number

  4. Don't Update Contact's Lead Status - When you enable this filter, Aloware won't update the lead status in your CRM.

  5. Don’t Update Contact Owners – When you enable this filter, Aloware won’t update the contact owners in your CRM account, including users and agents.

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