Aloware Talk 2 Contacts Menu

Efficiently manage contacts: Pinned, All, My, Unassigned, Unanswered, New Leads, Public, My Lists in "Contacts" menu.

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The "Contacts" menu is where you'll manage your contact list efficiently:

  • Pinned - Aloware provides easy access to your most important account by creating filters of contacts:

    • All Contacts - View a comprehensive list of all your contacts.

    • My Contacts - Organize and manage your personal contacts.

    • Unassigned Contacts - Keep track of contacts that haven't been assigned.

    • Unanswered Contacts - Quickly find contacts who haven't received a response.

    • New Leads - Manage and nurture potential new leads.

    • Public Lists - Explore and join public contact lists.

    • My Lists - Access and manage your custom contact lists.

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