Aloware Triggers and Actions for HubSpot Workflows

Integrate Aloware with HubSpot to automate tasks using Aloware Actions in workflows. Note Aloware's rate limits.

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What are HubSpot Workflows?

HubSpot Workflows allow you to automate your sales and service processes, which rely on Actions to complete different tasks, such as

  • Send an email to a lead

  • Create/modify a lead

When Aloware and HubSpot integrate, Aloware provides its actions to let HubSpot users include Aloware tasks in their HubSpot Workflows. It enables Aloware to send calls and SMS events natively to HubSpot, where you can listen to them and activate workflows.

How to Add Aloware Actions to HubSpot

After creating your workflow, you can add Aloware actions from the Aloware Extensions.

  1. In your HubSpot account, go to the Workflows tab and either choose an existing workflow or create a new one.

  2. Create a HubSpot Enrollment Trigger and click the + icon to add an action.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the right sidebar and select from the four (4) Aloware Actions.

Aloware Actions and its Properties

Aloware: Enroll a Sequence

After creating your HubSpot workflow, you can add the Enroll a Sequence action to include the contact directly to an Aloware sequence.

  1. Sequence - Allows a contact to be enrolled in a specific sequence in Aloware.

  2. Force Enroll?

    1. Yes - Ensures that the contact is added to the sequence even if they are already enrolled in another one.

    2. No - The contact won't be enrolled by default unless they aren't currently a included to any sequence.

Aloware: Send a Message (SMS/ MMS) Action

Sending a message action allows HubSpot users to send SMS and MMS using Aloware messenger. You can send a message as the contact owner, account or any other user in your Aloware account.


  1. Aloware Line to send from - Specifies the phone number within Aloware that will send the SMS or MMS.

  2. Send as (agent attribution) - Send a message as the agent, which means there would be no owner or other owner connected to that particular message.

  3. Message - This is the most important property in sending a message. This is where you type in your message, and you can use Contact Tokens to pull in a contact's name or other information. HubSpot automatically fills these tokens depending on the value it gets from the contact.

  4. Phone Number (optional) - This field indicates the contact's phone number. If you choose 'user personal line' and select a specific agent under 'send as', then that user must have a personal line in Aloware.

  5. Media URL (optional) - Allows you to attach media content (jpg, png, and gif) that will be sent along with the message.

When using this action, make sure to select your phone number properties to either the phone number or mobile number.

Aloware: Add to a User's Power Dialer Action

The Power Dialer is an automated dialing tool commonly used in sales and customer service. This action adds a contact to a user's Power Dialer, verifying the existence of the associated user, validating the phone number, creating a record, obtaining operation details, and adding the contact to the Power Dialer based on this information.


  1. User - It selects the Aloware user to whom you want to add the contact.

  2. Phone number - Represents the phone number associated with the contact that will be added to the Power Dialer (e.g. phone number or mobile number).

  3. Direction - Identify where you want to add the new contacts.

    • Top - On top of the Power Dialer list or

    • Bottom - at the bottom of the Power Dialer list

  4. Prevent Duplicates - This option lets you choose whether to apply duplicate phone number prevention when you add contacts to the Power Dialer.

    • Yes - If you choose to prevent duplicates, then you can't have two contacts with the same phone number on the Power Dialer.

    • No - If you choose not to prevent duplicates, then you will be able to have two contacts with the same phone number on the Power Dialer.

If a workflow runs twice on a single contact, then only one of the contacts will be enrolled on the Power Dialer.

Aloware: Disenroll from all Sequences Action

If a contact has a workflow or is currently enrolled in sequence in Aloware, you can disenroll it on HubSpot.

This means that the method will search for all email sequences, workflows, or other automation campaigns that the contact is engaged in and disenroll them from those.

This action is useful when a contact wishes to stop receiving automated communications or when there is a need to manage their communication preferences.

  • Create a Workflow for Disenroll from all Sequences Action

  • Manually enroll the contact from HubSpot to disenroll from all sequences.

Aloware Webhook Triggers

Webhooks offer a fast way to send real-time data directly from Aloware, avoiding the delays common with traditional data-checking methods. This makes the connection between Aloware and HubSpot quicker and more efficient.

Webhook Events - The list of events enables you to select the specific data/ information you want to receive on HubSpot. You can select individual events or select all events. It is recommended to have one selection per webhook to optimize data organization and efficiency.

Contact Created

When you add a new contact in Aloware, it immediately informs your webhooks about this new contact, sharing their details. This way, you know right away when someone new is added, helping you keep your contact list current.

Contact Updated

If you change information for a contact in Aloware, it quickly updates your webhooks with the new details. This keeps you in the loop with the most recent information, ensuring your records are always accurate.

Contact Disposed

When you change a contact's status in Aloware, it lets your webhooks know about this change. You get updates fast, so you can react quickly to any new statuses set for your contacts.

Contact DNC Updated

Aloware notifies your webhooks anytime a contact's Do Not Contact (DNC) status changes. This information helps you respect contact preferences and stay compliant with communication rules.

Communication Initiated

As soon as you start talking or messaging with a contact in Aloware, it informs your webhooks. This notification allows you to track when and how you're reaching out to people, making managing your communication efforts easier.

Communication Disposed

If the status of a message or call changes in Aloware, it updates your webhooks immediately. Stay on top of these changes to understand how your communications are being received and to adjust your strategies accordingly.

Appointment Saved

Once you schedule an appointment in Aloware, it shares this information with your webhooks. Keep informed about your appointments to better organize your schedule, prepare for meetings, and ensure you don't miss any commitments.

Call Disposed

When you decide on the outcome of a call in Aloware, it notifies your webhooks. This way, you can keep a close eye on call results, helping you analyze how effective your calls are and improve future calls.

Voicemail Saved

Aloware tells your webhooks whenever a voicemail is recorded. This alert helps you quickly respond to voicemails, ensuring you're prompt in following up with contacts and maintaining efficient communication.

Recording Saved

After you save a call recording in Aloware, it sends this information to your webhooks. Stay updated with recordings for quality checks, training, or legal reasons, ensuring you have a detailed history of your calls.

Transcription Saved

Aloware notifies your webhooks when a call's transcription is saved. Use these transcriptions to review conversations, get insights without listening to entire recordings, and keep detailed records of your communications.

Aloware Action Requests Rate Limits

Aloware can receive up to 5000 requests max per minute per account from HubSpot Aloware Actions. The speed of actual messages sent will likely be much lower and is greatly influenced by:

  1. Type of phone number (local or toll-free)

  2. A2P 10DLC or Toll-free verified registration + Brand (TCR) score + Campaign limitations

  3. Number of phone numbers in the line

You can calculate their Message per second ratio to determine how many phone numbers they need to send large volumes of texts.

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