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Enhancing Customer Experience with Advanced IVR Workflow: Integrating HubSpot for Efficient Call Routing
Enhancing Customer Experience with Advanced IVR Workflow: Integrating HubSpot for Efficient Call Routing

Integrate IVR with HubSpot via Aloware for efficient call routing, ensuring personalized service by directing calls correctly.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are essential in customer service. By integrating these systems with HubSpot, they become more effective, especially when routing calls to the right deal or contact owners.

This guide explains how IVR systems work with HubSpot to manage different call scenarios, including those without an assigned contact.

Setting Up IVR with HubSpot

Step 1: Connect HubSpot to Aloware

  1. Make sure to connect HubSpot with Aloware to achieve a smooth and seamless integration.

Step 2: Navigate to Aloware's Lines Menu

  1. To configure the HubSpot IVR, go to the Lines menu and select the specific Line you want to set up. Then, click on Settings to proceed.

  2. In the 'Routing & IVR' tab, enable IVR and select the one for HubSpot.

Step 3: Create and Modify Your IVR Menu

  1. Click the Edit button to set up your IVR. Read more in this guide on how to create IVRs.

  2. The IVR menu should guide callers to the right department or extension.

Understanding IVR Exit Strategies

If a caller doesn't respond, the IVR system offers options like hanging up, repeating the prompt, redirecting the call, or sending it to voicemail. Read about IVR Exit in this guide.

Different IVR Routing Rules

  1. Deal Owner Routing

    • Check for Deal Owner: When a caller selects an option (like pressing 1 for a new case), the IVR first checks if a deal owner is linked to the caller in HubSpot.

    • Route Based on Availability: Direct the call to the deal owner if available. If not, route it to their team.

    • Handle Multiple Deals: For multiple deals, the system chooses the one with the latest activity.

  2. Contact Owner Routing

    • Use Contact Owner as Backup: If there's no deal owner, check for a contact owner.

    • Direct Route or Team Redirect: Call the contact owner if available, otherwise route to the intake team.

  3. Unassigned Routing

    • Route Unassigned Calls: Send calls without a deal or contact the owner to the intake group.

    • Create Lead in HubSpot: Automatically create a lead in HubSpot for these calls.

Integrating IVR with HubSpot changes how businesses handle calls. It ensures that every call, whether linked to a deal, contact, or unassigned, is an opportunity. This advanced system offers personalized and efficient customer service, making each interaction count.

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