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Configuring Aloware IVR for Routing Calls to HubSpot Deal Owners
Configuring Aloware IVR for Routing Calls to HubSpot Deal Owners

Improve your IVR system by integrating with HubSpot. Follow these easy steps for better call routing and customer management.

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This guide helps you enhance Aloware's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system by integrating it with HubSpot.

This integration offers several key benefits, improving overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  1. Improved Call Routing - Direct calls to the right person based on HubSpot deal stages, significantly increasing efficiency.

  2. Enhanced Customer Management - Seamlessly integrate customer data from HubSpot, ensuring personalized and informed interactions.

  3. Fallback Options - Prevent dropped calls by setting up reliable fallback routing.

  4. User-Friendly Configuration - Easily set up and manage IVR settings through a simple and intuitive interface.


  1. Ensure that your HubSpot integration is successfully integrated to Aloware for syncing data between HubSpot and your IVR system.

  2. Sync users between HubSpot and Aloware. This step is crucial as it allows the IVR system to recognize and route calls to the correct users based on their HubSpot profiles.

  3. Set Up Deal Pipelines

    In HubSpot, create and manage your deal pipelines. Then, sync these pipelines between HubSpot and Aloware to ensure seamless call routing.

    Ensure each pipeline is properly populated with deals and assigned owners. This setup will be used to route calls based on specific deal stages or owners.

Steps in Configuring IVR Call Routing in Aloware

  1. Navigate to "Lines" in Aloware Admin and click "Settings" for the selected line where you want to configure call routing.

  2. Go to the "Routing & IVR" tab. Enable "An IVR" in the "Who should answer this call?" section.

  3. Click "Create" to start the settings.

  4. Set the following:

    1. IVR Name - Name your IVR for easy identification.

    2. IVR Prompt - Set the message that callers will hear.

    3. Text Messaging Ring Group - Assign a group to handle text messages.

    4. IVR Menu Options - Add a new IVR option for routing calls to HubSpot deal owners.

      • Add a new IVR option for routing calls to HubSpot deal owners.

      • Assign a number for the customer to press.

      • Select "Route to HubSpot Deal/Contact Owner."

      • Choose the appropriate HubSpot pipeline for routing calls.

  5. Set up fallback options - If the primary deal owner is unavailable, route the call to a ring group or another specified user within your company. Test to ensure fallback routing works to avoid call drops.

  6. Test the Configuration

    1. Perform test calls to ensure that the IVR system correctly routes calls to the designated HubSpot deal owners based on the selected pipeline.

    2. Verify that fallback options work as intended.

By following these steps, you can enhance your IVR system's functionality with HubSpot integration, leading to better call management and improved customer service.

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