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User's Guide: Simplifying Contact Imports for Admins and Agents
User's Guide: Simplifying Contact Imports for Admins and Agents

Admins create Public Lists to group and share contacts, import, make public, assign to users/ring groups, streamlining contact management.

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What is a Public List?

As an admin, you may want to define a group of contacts with the same criteria or share common properties and distribute it with all the users or agents in your team, which you can do so by creating a Public List.

Creating a Public list is ideal for groups that are admin-led or individually-managed teams. The lists menu gives you the tools to create multiple lists of contacts and organize them for your agents.

Public Lists offer an efficient solution for bulk-importing your contacts into Aloware.

Who creates the Public List?

Only your Aloware admin can create Public Lists within Aloware Classic. This can be done through importing contacts from HubSpot or by importing a CSV file.

Creating a Public List

  1. In your Aloware account, navigate to the Lists menu.

  2. Click the Create List button, and select Import from HubSpot or Import CSV.

    • Import from HubSpot

      If you have integrated HubSpot with Aloware, your contacts are automatically grouped, which you can find in the Tags menu.

      1. Choose a HubSpot list and click Import.

      2. You will see a successful import in the dashboard.

    • Import CSV

      If you want to import multiple contacts placed in a CSV file, you have the option to import or upload it in Aloware.

      1. Follow the Import Wizard instructions to upload multiple contacts.

      2. You will see the successful import displayed in the list dashboard.

Making the Public List Available to Agents in Aloware Talk

To share lists with the agents, the admin must follow these steps:

Step 1: Create the lists in the Admin Lists section of Aloware Admin.

Step 2: Make the lists public.

Once the lists are created and made public, they will be visible in Aloware Talk for all users. To ensure visibility, admins can enable the "Show in Public Folder" option in the dashboard.

Assigning the Lists to a User or Ring Group

  1. To assign contacts from the list, go to the Lists page and choose the contacts you want. Then, click on the three-dot menu and select "Assign Contacts".

  2. The Contact Assignments modal will be displayed, allowing you to choose whether to assign the list to a user or a ring group.

  3. By default, the system will only distribute contacts that have not been assigned. However, if you select the checkbox, you can also distribute contacts that have already been assigned to the user.

Contacts in the list will only be assigned to ring group members, without creating a separate list.

Finding the List created in Aloware Talk

You can see the Public list created in Aloware Talk:

  1. In Aloware Admin, click the list you created. Then, you'll go to Aloware Talk.

  2. Or, in your Aloware Talk account, click the Contacts menu to view the list you created in the Public Lists section.

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