Adding Extension Numbers in Aloware

Admins can enhance customer service by adding extensions, assigning them to users for easy access, and including extensions in ring groups.

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Aloware allows for the addition of extension numbers, which can enhance customer service across your company. These extensions provide a direct way for callers to reach specific users, streamlining the communication process.

Only admins in Aloware can add and assign extension numbers.

Assigning an Extension Number to a User

Assigning an extension number to a user or agent simplifies contact access, eliminating the need to navigate an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system.

  1. In your Aloware account, navigate to the Users menu.

  2. Select the user from the Users page and then click on Settings, followed by Inbound Call Settings.

  3. In the Extension section, select an extension number to assign to the user.

Admins can provide callers with the option to dial the agent's extension before connecting to the IVR or a group of agents.

Adding a Phone Number Extension to Ring Groups

To add a phone number extension to ring groups, you must first create an extension from the Users menu.

  1. Go to the Users menu, and click the "+Add Extension" button in the upper-right corner of your screen.

  2. A pop-up window labeled "Add Extension" will appear. Fill in the following details:

    1. Label - Give your extension a name.

    2. Phone Number

  3. Click the "+Create Extension" button.

To integrate this extension into Ring Groups:

  1. Head to the Ring Groups menu where you can either create a new ring group or adjust an existing one.

  2. Select the phone number extension you made earlier in the sequence layers, then click "Save."

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