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Aloware's Unreturned Conversations: Your Key to Unmissed Opportunities
Aloware's Unreturned Conversations: Your Key to Unmissed Opportunities
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In business communication, it's easy to overlook missed calls, unread texts, or unopened voicemails. These unreturned messages can lead to missed opportunities and frustrated clients. However, with Aloware's feature, "Unreturned Conversations," managing your communication backlog has never been easier.

Unreturned Conversations redefines how you respond to missed communication, allowing you to stay on top of your interactions and maintain excellent customer relationships.

Understanding Unreturned Conversations

Aloware recognizes that communication is not synonymous with a conversation.

Communication can be as simple as an individual call or text, while a conversation comprises a series of calls and texts within a specific contact.

Unreturned conversations encompass all communication forms, including missed calls, unread texts, voicemails, and opened contacts, in the default setting.

Identifying Unreturned Conversations

  1. Unreturned Conversations refer to interactions that are both Open and Unread.

  2. "Open" signifies that a contact has been moved to the open task status within your Talk inbox.

  3. In contrast, "unread" indicates that an individual call or text has not yet been read.

Navigating Your Unreturned Conversations in Aloware Admin

If your focus is on unreturned calls, you can easily modify the filters to view only calls in the report. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Dashboard menu and click the number in Unreturned Conversations under Communication Metrics.

  2. This action will filter the report to Inbound > Unread Conversations.

Equivalent Number with the Inbox Filter in Aloware Talk

Aloware's Inbox Filter allows you to find the equivalent number of unreturned conversations by counting the number of unread contacts in open task status.

  1. In your Aloware Talk Account, go to the Inbox menu.

  2. Click the Filter icon and configure the settings:

    1. Enable "Show Contacts with Unread Communications Only".

    2. Choose 'Last 7 Days' for the Last Engagement Date Period. Make sure the filters match in both Aloware Admin and Aloware Talk.

    3. Click the "Apply" button.

This will display the number of unread contacts, ensuring it corresponds with the number of unreturned conversations, enabling you to stay informed and prioritize your responses effectively.

Creating a Dynamic My List to Track Unreturned Conversations

To match the numbers in the Aloware Admin dashboard with the number of contacts in Aloware Talk, you can create a Dynamic My List with specific filters.

In this case, the filters should be set as follows:

  1. Unanswered = True - This filter ensures that only conversations that have not been answered are included in the list. This allows you to focus on conversations that require immediate attention.

  2. Task Status = Open - Selecting "Task Status = Open" ensures that only active conversations are displayed. Conversations that have been marked as closed or resolved won't clutter your list.

  3. Last Engagement = Last 7 Days - Limiting the Last Engagement to the past seven days helps you focus on recent conversations that may still be unresolved. This timeframe is crucial for prioritizing your efforts effectively.

    Additionally, you can create a filter for "Last Engagement = Today" to monitor conversations that require immediate attention.

Customizing Columns

To monitor unreturned conversations more effectively, you can customize the columns in your Dynamic My List to display relevant data. Some of the columns you can customize include:

  1. Task Status - Displaying the task status allows you to quickly identify which conversations are still open and require your attention.

  2. Unread Messages - This column provides insight into the number of unread messages within each conversation, helping you prioritize conversations with the most recent interactions.

  3. Unread Voicemails - If voicemails are a crucial part of your communication, having a column dedicated to unread voicemails allows you to address these messages promptly.

  4. Unread Missed Calls - In cases where missed calls are part of your workflow, this column helps you identify unanswered calls that need to be addressed.

Managing Unreturned Conversations in Aloware Talk

In Aloware Talk, you can utilize the Talk Inbox for managing unreturned conversations.

  1. When you respond to a missed call or unread message with a call or text, the previous message will be automatically marked as read.

  2. If the task status is moved to "Pending", it will no longer be classified as unreturned.

  3. If you move a task to "Closed", it will no longer appear in the unreturned conversations report.

  4. If you manage to read all the communications within a particular contact, that contact will no longer be considered unreturned.

Learn how to manage your Communications Inbox in this guide.

In conclusion, Aloware's "Unreturned Conversations" feature is a game-changer for businesses seeking to stay on top of their communication and provide exceptional customer service.

By distinguishing between communication and conversations and offering robust management tools, Aloware continues to empower businesses to build stronger relationships and streamline their communication processes.

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