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Managing Contacts in Aloware Talk
Understanding the Contacts Page and Features in Aloware Talk
Understanding the Contacts Page and Features in Aloware Talk
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As a user, you may want to have an organized page to manage your lead information effectively without interrupting your main tasks of engaging with your contacts.

Aloware's Contact page provides the important fields and functionalities that will help you to understand your customer better: update contact status, call disposition, know where most of your contacts reside, etc.

Contacts Page

The Aloware Talk Contact page provides you with a comprehensive list of contacts and all the relevant details you need.

On this page, you can easily view important information such as:

  1. Contact's Name

  2. Phone Number

  3. The date and time you added the contact

  4. Their last engagement

  5. Tags

  6. Number of unread missed calls

  7. Number of unread voicemails

  8. Number of unread messages

  9. Available actions you can take to the contact call, send a message or delete

Three-Dot Menu Settings

  1. Edit Columns - Users can also manage the column headers in Aloware Talk.

    1. To customize the columns in Aloware Talk, simply choose the columns you want from the left panel in the Manage All Contact Columns window.

    2. If you prefer, you can also rearrange the columns by dragging and dropping them in the Selected Columns panel. This allows you to organize the information exactly how you like it.

    3. You can also reset your view by clicking Reset All Columns.

  2. Power Dialer - available soon.

  3. Export as CSV - Enables users to easily download their selected contacts in CSV format for easy data management and analysis.

  4. Delete

Contacts Page Tabs and Features

Pinned - By default, Aloware Talk displays a list of pinned contacts that are filtered, allowing you to easily see the total number of contacts in your organization at a glance.

  1. All Contacts - displays the total number of contacts regardless of status.

  2. My Contacts - displays the total number of contacts assigned to you.
    โ€‹Unassigned Contacts - displays the total number of contacts that are not yet assigned to a user or agent.

  3. Unanswered Contacts - displays the total number of contacts that are not yet attended or under the Open state.

  4. New Leads - by default, re-added contacts in Aloware will not be considered new leads.

Lists - Lists are predefined results that you can access with a single click. It instantly displays results without adding filters and search parameters. You can also create your lists to better suit your needs.

  1. Public Lists - Public lists are shared contact lists from your admin.

  2. My Lists - My Lists contain all your created lists. Aloware Talk's Contact page allows you to make your lists. On top of that, you can also group your lists into folders to make them more manageable.

Creating Lists and Adding Contacts

  1. To create a new list, go to My Lists and click on the Add button. Select the option for creating a new list.

  2. When creating a new list in the New List window, simply enter the name that you would like to use for your list. After that, you can select the type of list that best suits your needs. Then click, create.

    1. Dynamic List

      This is filter-based list and would automatically update as the contact's properties change.

      • Go to Filters, and click Add a Filter.

      • After adding all the necessary filters along with their parameters, you can close the Filters panel once you are satisfied with the results. Don't forget to click the Save button to save your changes.

    2. Static List

      You manually select and order your contacts. It doesn't update automatically.

      • To add contacts, click on the "Add Contacts" button. Then, select the specific contacts that you would like to add to your lists.

      • After you have reviewed and are content with your list, simply click on the "Add Selected Contacts" button to add the contacts to your list.

Creating a Folder

  1. To create a folder, go to My Lists and click on the Add button. Then, select the option to create a new folder. Type in the name you want for your folder and press Enter.

  2. In the Folder, create subfolders or new lists by selecting the Folder, accessing Settings, and choosing to create a Folder or a List. This helps you organize and structure your contacts according to your preferences.

Other Functions

For users, you can also do the following in the list created when you click the three-dot menu:

  • Rename - allows users to change the list's name.

  • Duplicate - creating a new list with the same contacts.

  • Move - allows users to move the list to another folder.

  • Pin - this allows users to pin the list.

  • Delete - allows users to delete the list.

My Contacts

Enabling My Contacts will display all contacts assigned to the user.

The "contact owner" refers to the agent or user who is responsible for managing the contact.

They ensure that contacts are effectively managed and followed up on, nurturing contact engagement through activities such as making phone calls, sending emails, updating contact information, and tracking interactions.

The contact owner can be assigned when adding contacts via importing, integrating, or manually adding them.

Each contact can only have one owner in Aloware.

To update the contact owner in Aloware Talk, you can follow these steps:

  1. In your Aloware Talk account, navigate to the Communications or Contacts menu.

  2. Search for or select a contact, then click the contact's name to access their page.

  3. Under About this contact section, locate the "contact owner field".

  4. Click the drop-down arrow to select "contact owner".

  5. Save the changes to apply the updated contact.

  6. Any changes made will be logged in the communication box of the contact's page.


Users can filter contact properties that are relevant to them.

  1. Primary Information - contact's basic data.

  2. Contact Location - contact's address information.

  3. Contact Relevance - filters contact's Aloware activities.

  4. Contact Communication - filters contact's engagement properties.

  5. Custom - filters contacts based on New, Unassigned, and Unanswered.


    Read this guide for the list of all Aloware Talk filters.

Add Contacts

  1. To manually add individual contacts, simply click on the "Add Contacts" button.

  2. In the Create Contact window, enter the necessary details and then click on the Save button to save the contact information.

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Phone Number

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