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Introducing Aloware Wallboard: Your Real-Time Communication Metrics Dashboard
Introducing Aloware Wallboard: Your Real-Time Communication Metrics Dashboard
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What is Aloware Wallboard?

Aloware Wallboard is an interactive tool that provides real-time metrics for monitoring, managing, and optimizing your team's performance. With Wallboard, you can effortlessly access crucial metrics, allowing everyone in your contact center to work towards their targets and ensure smooth and efficient operations.

Stay Updated with Real-Time Data

Aloware Wallboard provides instant access to essential metrics that directly impact your team's success. You can monitor key information such as the

  1. Number of total calls

  2. Number of answered calls

  3. Average Wait Time

  4. Appointment Sets, and more

By analyzing these metrics in real-time, you can make data-driven decisions to enhance your team's performance and productivity.

Comprehensive Contact Center Overview

Gain a comprehensive view of your contact center's daily communication results with the Contact Center Overview feature.

Stay informed with real-time updates on:

  1. Total Calls

  2. Answered Calls

  3. Missed Calls

  4. Abandoned Calls

  5. Average Talk Time

  6. Average Wait Time

  7. Total Occupancy

  8. Appointments Set

  9. Reminders Set

  10. Texts Received

  11. Texts Sent

This holistic overview allows you to analyze trends, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize your contact center operations.

Efficient Status Management

Aloware Wallboard simplifies status management by displaying actual metrics information calculated daily. In the Monitor Panel, admins can effortlessly monitor and modify agent statuses in the following sections:

  1. Agents - Get insights into individual agent statuses and details, allowing you to monitor their availability and activities effectively.

  2. Queued Calls - Keep track of incoming calls in the queue, ensuring that no customer is left unattended.

  3. Live Calls - Monitor ongoing calls in real-time, enabling admins to intervene if needed and ensure quality control.

  4. Parked Calls - View parked calls directly on the dashboard, allowing agents to efficiently handle and distribute active calls.

Simple Steps to Modify Agent Status

To ensure smooth operations during high-demand periods when you notice a critically low number of available agents, follow these simple steps to modify their statuses:

  1. Access the Wallboard Menu.

  2. Navigate to the Monitor section and select the Agents tab to view the current agent statuses.

    The number in red indicates the total number of users you currently have in Aloware.

  3. Use the search function or browse the list under the Name column to locate the agent whose status you want to modify.

  4. Click on the agent's current status and select "Available" from the options.

  5. Witness the agent's status instantly updated to reflect the change.

By following this streamlined process, you can adapt quickly to changing circumstances, optimize your team's availability, and ensure seamless operations even during high-demand periods.

Seamless Queued Monitoring

Aloware Wallboard's Queued Monitoring section enables you to efficiently manage incoming calls placed in the queue.

When an agent is unavailable to answer a call, it enters the waiting queue until an agent becomes available. Agents can easily pick up calls from the Queued Monitoring section, ensuring that every customer receives prompt attention and support.

Enhance Call Management with Live Call Monitoring

Monitor ongoing calls in real-time with Aloware Wallboard's Live Call Monitoring section.

  • Admins can discreetly perform various call actions such as:

    1. Termination - Admins can end a live call if necessary.

    2. Call Barging - Admins can join a call for immediate assistance.

    3. Call Whispering - Admins can provide guidance or support to agents during their calls.

When using the call barging or call whispering functions, the user's status will automatically change to Sentry Mode.

Leveraging these features ensures quality control and exceptional customer support without the contact's knowledge.

Effortless Parked Call Monitoring

With Aloware Wallboard's Parked Call Monitoring, all users with access can view parked calls directly on the dashboard. This feature allows agents to efficiently handle active calls that have been put on hold or "parked" by their colleagues. Streamline your call management workflow and optimize agent productivity with ease.

Optimize Your Contact Center with Aloware Wallboard

Aloware Wallboard empowers you to monitor and optimize your contact center's performance effectively. Stay informed with real-time data, take prompt action, and empower your team to deliver exceptional customer experiences. With the ability to customize views and access comprehensive insights, the Aloware Wallboard is a valuable tool at your fingertips.

Customizable Wallboard Views for Your Needs

Aloware Wallboard offers two distinct views tailored to your preferences: Comfort and Compact.

  1. Comfort View - Provides a comprehensive display of information.

  2. Compact View - Offers a condensed layout for a more concise overview.

  3. View More - To access additional options, click the three-dot menu to "View More" and explore further customization.

Efficient Monitoring with the Wallboard Status Panel

The Wallboard Status Panel allows you to monitor different aspects of your contact center operations. It includes the following sections:

  1. The Monitor section

    1. Provides an overview of key metrics and real-time data.

    2. Displays critical information related to agent performance and call statistics.

    3. Allows you to track the overall performance of your contact center.

  2. Agents

    • Shows the status and details of individual agents.

    • Enables you to monitor the availability and activities of your agents.

    • Provides insights into agent performance and workload.

  3. Queued Calls

    • Displays incoming calls that are waiting to be answered by agents.

    • Allows you to track the number of calls in the queue.

    • Provides visibility into the call volume and helps manage call distribution.

  4. Live Calls

    • Shows ongoing calls in real-time.

    • Allows supervisors and administrators to monitor active calls.

    • Offers features for call management and support, such as call termination or intervention.

  5. Parked Calls

    • Provides visibility into calls that have been put on hold or parked.

    • Allows agents to pick up parked calls when available.

    • Enables efficient call handling and distribution within the contact center.

Comprehensive Agent Monitoring in the Monitor Section

The Agents Board in the Monitor section is where you can find detailed agent-related information.

Here are the key details and functionalities available:

  1. By default, the Wallboard displays the current date.

  2. Filter and Search options

    • Select Ring Group - Displays all agents within the selected ring group.

    • Search Agent - Allows you to search for specific users or agents to display their status.

    • Status Field - Displays all agent statuses. You can select a specific status to filter agents with that status.

  3. Monitor Table Columns - Various columns provide detailed information about agents, including:

    • ID - Agent or user identification number.

    • Name - Agent's or user's name.

    • Status Tab - Shows the on-time status and the number of agents in each status category.

    • Number - Contact number associated with the agent.

    • Ring Group - The group the agent is assigned to.

    • Sequence - The order in which agents receive calls within the group.

    • Start Time - The time the agent started their shift.

    • Talk Time - Duration of agent's ongoing calls.

    • Contact - Details of the current contact the agent is handling.

    • Location - Agent's physical location or assigned area.

    • Attempting - Number of attempts made by the agent to contact a lead or customer.

    • Callback Status - Status of scheduled callbacks.

    • Tags - Tags or labels assigned to the agent.

    • Notes - Additional notes or comments related to the agent.

    • Operations - Additional operations or actions that can be performed on the agent's status.

With Aloware Wallboard, you can optimize your contact center's performance, make data-driven decisions, and drive exceptional customer experiences. It's the ultimate tool for streamlining operations and maximizing productivity.

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