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Automating Lead Distribution and Form-to-Call Workflows in HubSpot with Aloware Power Dialer
Automating Lead Distribution and Form-to-Call Workflows in HubSpot with Aloware Power Dialer

Integrate HubSpot with Aloware for enhanced efficiency, sales, and CRM. Automate lead distribution and streamline workflows effortlessly.

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Integrating HubSpot workflows with Aloware's Power Dialer brings together two powerful tools to enhance your business's operational efficiency, sales performance, and customer relationship management.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the key features and benefits of this integration:


Feature Description


Enhanced Lead Management

Seamlessly manage leads in HubSpot's CRM while leveraging Aloware's dialer for communication.

Leads generated and nurtured in HubSpot can be dialed directly through Aloware, ensuring timely follow-ups and streamlined lead conversion.

Increase conversion rates by maintaining prompt and relevant interactions with leads, thereby maximizing sales opportunities.

Targeted Workflow Triggers

Set specific conditions in HubSpot that trigger actions in Aloware, automating outreach based on user-defined triggers.

Automate outreach based on lead behavior or engagement level, ensuring timely follow-ups and personalized interactions.

For example, if a lead views a critical page on your website, it can automatically trigger a call from the Power Dialer, connecting your team with the lead at a moment of peak interest.

Customizable Calling Campaigns

Create and customize calling campaigns in Aloware based on data segmented and curated in HubSpot.

Conduct highly targeted call campaigns based on refined data segmentation from HubSpot, increasing the likelihood of campaign success.

Tailor campaigns to specific audience demographics or behaviors, making each call more relevant and effective in driving desired outcomes.

Improved Customer Experience

Utilize HubSpot’s rich customer profiles and Aloware’s communication tools to interact with customers effectively.

Deliver a personalized customer experience by providing agents with access to full customer histories and preferences during calls.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering tailored interactions that address the unique needs and preferences of each customer.


The goal is to automatically send leads to different agents' power dialers without needing to manually import lists for each team member. This saves time and cuts down on manual work.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to set up this workflow:

  1. Creating the Workflow in HubSpot

    The workflow is designed to automatically assign contacts based on specific criteria to different team members' Power Dialers. Here’s how to set it up:

    1. Access the Workflow tab

      In HubSpot, navigate to the "Workflows" tab.

    2. Create and Select Workflow Type

      1. Click "Create Workflow", and select "From Scratch" to start with a clean template.

      2. Select "Contact-based" and then click "Black workflow", ideal for distribution based on contact properties.

      3. Click the "Next" button.

    3. Define the Starting Conditions

      1. Click "Set up Triggers" to define what will start the workflow.

      2. In the side panel, select "When Filter Criteria is met".

      3. Click the "+Add Criteria", set your properties, and then click "Save".

    4. Add Branching Logic

      Use the branching logic to distribute deals based on the deal owner.

      1. Click the "+" button to add branches.

      2. Select Branch.

      3. Select "Based on single property value".

      4. Select a property to branch on and ensure to create a separate branch for each value. This categorizes the contacts for different users.

      5. Click "Next."

    5. Specify Contact Owners

      1. For each branch, define the contact owner. Remove any users not involved by clicking the delete icon.

      2. Click Save.

    6. Configure Actions

      1. Click the "+" button to add Aloware Actions.

      2. Navigate to "Aloware Cloud Contact Center Actions" and select "Add to User's Power Dialer."

      3. You can just configure your power dialer settings, then click Save.

        1. User – Assign the user who will receive the contacts.

        2. Phone Number – Specify the contact’s phone number.

        3. Direction – Choose whether the contact should be placed at the top or bottom of the list.

        4. Prevent Duplicates? – Specify if the system should avoid duplicate contact numbers.

        5. Allow International Numbers? – Decide if international phone numbers should be included.

        This is how your workflow will look like:

  2. Testing the Workflow

    Before fully implementing, test the workflow to ensure it operates correctly. Set up test deals and observe if they are correctly routed to the designated Power Dialers.

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