Power Dialer in Aloware Sequences
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The Power Dialer in Aloware Sequences is a powerful automation tool designed to help businesses efficiently manage their outbound calls.

It ensures that no contacts are missed by calling a list of contacts one by one.

This feature is particularly beneficial for companies with a large number of prospects or contacts to reach daily. By automating the dialing process, the Power Dialer allows agents to focus on live interactions, thereby improving overall productivity and customer experience.

Benefits of Using Power Dialer

  1. Increased Efficiency - Automates the calling process, allowing agents to concentrate on speaking with customers.

  2. Improved Customer Experience - Minimizes wait times and ensures calls are directed to the right agents.

  3. Customizable Scheduling - Offers flexibility in call timing, making it convenient for customers.

  4. Pre-call Notifications - Sends pre-call SMS to reduce the chance of cold calls, leading to more pleasant interactions.

  5. Layered Agent Availability - Ensures calls are routed to the next available agent, enhancing response rates.

How the Power Dialer Works

The Power Dialer functions by automatically calling the next phone number on the contact list if the current contact is busy, unattended, or disconnected. This automation ensures agents are always available when a customer answers, making the call process seamless and efficient.

Differentiating Power Dialer from Progressive and Preview Dialer

  • Power Dialer - Agents initiate the call, allowing them to review contact details and prepare before dialing.

  • Progressive Dialer - The system initiates the call automatically, connecting to the next available agent without manual intervention.

  • Preview Dialer - Agents can view contact information and decide whether to make the call, offering the highest level of control.

Creating a Power Dialer Step

To create a Power Dialer step, follow these steps:

  1. Access Sequences Menu - Navigate to the Sequence menu and create a new sequence. Follow this guide to start creating your sequence.

  2. Add a Power Dialer Step - In the sequence, add a step called "Add to Power Dialer".

  3. Configure the following options:

    1. Delay - Set when the call will be made after the contact reaches this step.

      • No Delay - The call is made immediately.

      • Default Delay - Choose the duration of the delay in minutes, hours, or days.

      • Time of Day - Schedule calls for a specific time, such as next Monday at 10 AM.

    2. Assign a User or to a Ring Group

      • User - Select the Power Dialer user for the enrolled contact.

      • Ring Group - Choose the ring group for the enrolled contact.

      • Assign to available users only - Enrolled contacts are added to the available users' Power Dialer list.

    3. Power Dialer Position - Decide whether to add the contact at the top or bottom of the user's Power Dialer.

    4. Other Options:

      • Add to contact owner's Power Dialer - If no owner exists, add to the selected user's Power Dialer.

      • Allow multiple phone numbers - Add all contact numbers if more than one exists.

      • Prevent duplicates - Remove duplicate contacts from the Power Dialer queue.

      • Allow international phone numbers - Choose whether to include or exclude international numbers.

Testing the Power Dialer

  1. Go to the Contacts tab and click +Enroll Contacts.

  2. Add a group of contacts based on the Line or add a single contact.

  3. After enrolling a contact, Aloware will add the contact to the user's power dialer queue in Talk.

The Power Dialer streamlines the call process and enhances the customer experience by automating calls and connecting them to the right agents at the right time. This tool is essential for efficient call center operations and improved customer satisfaction.

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