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Frequently Asked Questions: HighLevel and Aloware Integration
Frequently Asked Questions: HighLevel and Aloware Integration
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Welcome to the HighLevel Product Integration FAQs!

This comprehensive FAQ guide is designed to help you navigate and optimize the integration between HighLevel and Aloware. Whether you're configuring settings, managing contacts, understanding the nuances of SMS and call functionalities, or exploring advanced features, this guide is your go-to resource.

Empower your business communication and streamline your processes with the combined capabilities of HighLevel and Aloware.


  1. What is HighLevel, and why is it sometimes referred to as Go HighLevel or GHL?

    HighLevel is the name of the company, but since the domain wasn't available, they use That's why it's sometimes referred to as Go HighLevel or GHL.

  2. What is Aloware, and how does it integrate with HighLevel?

    Aloware is a conversation provider that powers SMS messaging within HighLevel. When you send a text message from HighLevel, it uses Aloware's backend to send the message. Furthermore, Aloware provides Automatic Call and Message Logging on the HighLevel platform (Call logs as tasks and message logs as notes in the contact tab in HighLevel), allows the synchronization of contacts between both platforms (Pull and Push contacts), in addition to synchronizing Aloware users with HighLevel.

Features and Functionality

  1. What improvements have been made to the HighLevel product integration recently?

    Recently, Aloware has been integrated as a conversation provider for HighLevel, enhancing the text messaging capabilities by using Aloware's backend to send messages.

  2. How does Aloware's SMS functionality compare to HighLevel's native SMS functionality?

    Aloware offers a more robust telephony system focused on calling and texting, whereas HighLevel's native SMS and call capabilities are basic. Aloware provides better compliance, routing capabilities, and a more reliable system for contact centers.

    Refer to this guide to know how.

Technical Questions

  1. Why should I use Aloware instead of HighLevel's native functionality for calling and texting?

    Aloware offers a more reliable and robust system for telephony, including better compliance management and complex routing capabilities, which HighLevel lacks. This makes Aloware a better choice for serious contact centers.

  2. How does Aloware handle inbound messages in HighLevel?

    Inbound messages sent from Aloware's side show up in HighLevel as notes under the contact rather than in the conversation view. This includes broadcast and sequence messages sent from Aloware.

  3. How is communication information from calls made in Aloware, within HighLevel, linked?

    Call logs made in Aloware are stored as Tasks in the HighLevel contact tab (and Message as notes).

  4. Can I change the default line used for sending SMS in HighLevel?

    Yes, you can set a default line for sending SMS in HighLevel. Currently, all SMS sent from HighLevel will use this default line.

Integration and Configuration

  1. How do I authenticate Aloware as the conversation provider in HighLevel?

    In HighLevel, go to the phone numbers section, select advanced settings, and choose Aloware SMS Provider. Authenticate by allowing access when prompted. Read this guide to know more.

  2. How do contact syncing and user syncing work between Aloware and HighLevel?

    Contacts and users can be synced between Aloware and HighLevel. You can push and pull contacts to ensure both systems have the same information. Users with the same email in both systems can be synced to ensure proper call and text logging.

  3. Can HighLevel's automation sequences use Aloware's SMS line?

    Currently, HighLevel's automation sequences cannot fully use Aloware's SMS line for automated messages. This functionality is planned for future updates.


  1. What are some common issues users might face with the HighLevel and Aloware integration?

    Common issues include delays in message sending and inbound messages not appearing in the conversation view in HighLevel. These limitations are due to the current integration capabilities and are being worked on for future improvements.

  2. Where can I find more training materials and support for this integration?

    You can find recorded demos, loom videos, and detailed documentation on the integration in the provided training materials link. Additionally, follow-up training sessions will be available for more specific topics, such as sales enablement.

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