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Managing Calendar in Aloware Talk
How to Add Events to the Aloware Talk Calendar
How to Add Events to the Aloware Talk Calendar
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The Aloware Talk Calendar isn't just for scheduling; it's your partner in managing your time effectively. It seamlessly integrates with Aloware Talk for easy event scheduling and appointment reminders, boosting productivity.

  1. Log in and access the Calendar menu.

  2. Depending on your preferred view – Day, Month, or Week – click on the specific date or time slot for your event.

Complete the provided form with event details.

  • Title - Add a title to the event.

  • Event Type - Select either Appointment or Reminder.

  • Contact - Select the contact for the appointment.

When you add an appointment to a selected contact, Aloware will automatically set the timezone based on the location of the contact's phone number.

  • Timezone - Select the timezone. Please make sure to add a note if needed.

When scheduling an appointment or reminder, Aloware automatically adjusts the reminder to your time zone and sends the SMS reminder to the contact in their respective time zone.

SMS Reminder

  1. Enable SMS reminder to the contact.

    • Send From - Select the line to use in sending the reminder.

    • Time - Set the time in AM/PM or 24-hour format.

    • Send (n) days before - Decide how many days before you want to send the reminder.

    • Template variables - Use template variables if you want to include specific information.

  2. Once you're satisfied with the entered information, hit the "Save" button.

  3. Your event would immediately appear on the Calendar.

Reviewing Your Appointments in the Communications Page

You can also review your appointment on the Communications page. To do this,

  1. Access the Communications menu and locate the contact for whom you scheduled the appointment.

  2. The appointment reminder is configured according to your time zone.

  3. Furthermore, the message reminder is adjusted to match your contact's time zone.

How to Delete Events from the Aloware Talk Calendar

As well as managing appointments and reminders, the Aloware Talk Calendar helps you stay organized. It allows you to remove unwanted events easily.

  1. Log in to your Aloware Talk account and navigate to the Calendar.

  2. Select the event you wish to remove and click "Remove." Be aware that this action cannot be undone.

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