Understanding the DNC (Do-Not-Call) List

The article explains the Do-Not-Call (DNC) lists, including the US National Registry, Carrier DNC, and Aloware Account DNC.

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Do-Not-Call (DNC) List

The Do-Not-Call list is a record of contact's phone numbers who prefer not to be reached by telemarketers or businesses selling goods.

There are three types of DNC Lists that Aloware users should be aware of:

  • US National DNC Registry

  • Carrier DNC List

  • Aloware Account-specific DNC List

US National Do-Not-Call Registry

The US National Do-Not-Call Registry is a list of phone numbers that the US Federal Government maintains to allow contacts' preference in stopping unwanted "sales" calls from real companies. Contacts can register their phone numbers for free.

As an organization, you should download the Registry and remove the numbers listed on it from your calling lists to avoid penalties. Read the FTC National Consumer Information for more details.

Carrier Do-Not-Call List

Aloware carriers (most notably Twilio) allow contacts to opt out of an SMS relationship with any party - including a marketing or sales team.

By texting the following opt-out keywords, the carrier creates a blocklist of these numbers and sends it to Aloware. This prevents any attempt to receive new messages from a specific phone number:

  • STOP




  • END

  • QUIT

The carrier allows phone numbers to re-subscribe or to receive new messages when the contact texts the following 'opt-in' keywords to that business number:


  • YES


Aloware Account DNC List

Aloware DNC is an internal list of contacts' phone numbers that are manually tagged and saved in Aloware by the admin and users. It prevents the contact from being enrolled in different Aloware features like Sequence, Broadcasts, and Power Dialer.

Aloware disables all communications when an agent tags the contact as DNC: calling, sending messages, setting appointments, and reminders.

Aloware DNC is irreversible by default, contacting support is the only way to un-DNC a contact.

However, when a contact texts the "opt-out" keywords, agents can still call the contact that asked for a STOP on an SMS.

Where to find the Aloware DNC List

You can keep track of contacts that prefer not to be reached in a local repository in Aloware by selecting Filters > Search for DNC and Opt-Out options > Select property.

How to Request Aloware to Un-DNC a Contact

If you have concerns about un-DNC Aloware contacts, the admin may send a request to [email protected] with the following details:

  • Contact's name and phone number

  • Screenshot evidence showing the contact has asked to re-open communication with your account.

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