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Porting Phone Numbers in and out of Aloware
Porting Phone Numbers in and out of Aloware
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You can easily port your existing phone numbers in & out of Aloware. We currently support port-in requests for the US and Canada.

To start a port-in request, please open a ticket with our support team. There is no extra charge for the number of ports (unless a fee is determined by either our carrier or yours).

What is a Number Port?

Porting your US or Canada telephone number is a process that can take up to four (4) weeks, depending on the type of number you are porting and the carrier currently holding the number. The process includes coordination between our upstream provider and your service provider to transfer the number to Aloware.

What do I need to port in a landline number or 800 number?

You’ll need the phone number and a supporting document, like a utility bill or invoice showing that you own the number. You may also need the service address for the phone number. This is usually called a CSR record.

  1. Porting Wireless Numbers (cell phones)

    Please contact your current carrier and get your Account Number and PIN for the phone number. You’ll also need a supporting document, like a bill or a screenshot of your online account, to validate the request.

  2. Porting Virtual Numbers (Google Voice, Legacy Call Center Apps)

    Please attach a screenshot or document showing that you own the number. If your number is hosted with another company (such as Aircall, RingCentral, or Nextiva), an invoice will suffice.

  3. Letter of Authorization

    You must also fill out this Letter of Authorization Form. The LoA signature has to match the invoice or billing document you send us.

  4. Porting Numbers Out of Aloware

    If you need to port your numbers out of Aloware, please start the port request with your new carrier (called a gaining carrier). Please notify us with an email about your port out. We automatically approve all port-out requests after owner confirmation. Note that as soon as you start the port-out request, the gaining carrier is responsible for connectivity.


As mentioned above, there are no charges for port-in or port-out requests unless directed by either carrier of those numbers.

Obtaining a CSR

In essence, a CSR (Customer Service Record) is a document provided by telecom service providers who are also known as carriers. This document lists all of the telephone numbers and services that belong to a customer who desires to move their business to or away from the carrier.

Sometimes Aloware requires a CSR in addition to the Letter of Authorization and proof of ownership to port a large number of phone numbers. CSRs are technical documents provided (and exchanged between) carriers. You can ask your current carrier for the document when you are ready to port.

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