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The Profile Settings in the User menu are designed to empower admins to onboard new team members into Aloware, tailoring their access and capabilities within the platform.

Adding a User in Aloware and Setting up a User Profile

Only admins can add users and set up their initial settings in Aloware.

Step 1: Add Users

To get started with Aloware, you can easily add users to your account in two different ways.

  1. Using the "+" Button from the Dashboard - Click the "+" button on the dashboard and select "User".

  2. Navigating to the Users Menu - To add a new user, go to Users and click on the "+Add User" button.

Step 2: Filling in User Information

Proceed to complete the user's profile by providing the following details:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email - This is where the user will receive their password.

  • Role - Assign the user's role within Aloware.

  • Password - Select between "Manual" or "Auto-Generate" for the password type.

    • Manual Password - Aloware will not send an email notification to the user when using this option.

    • Auto-Generate - Aloware will send an email notification to the user with a link for password setup.

  • Answer Type - Specify how the user will answer calls.

    • Using Apps - A default behavior to answer calls using the web browser, desktop, or mobile apps.

    • Using Phone Number - Commonly used for call tracking. This forwards all calls to the user-provided phone number (usually a cellphone or off-site landline).

    • Using IP Phone - Used for desk-phone replacement.

    • Will not answer - It doesn't answer the phone call at all. It is recommended for managers, controllers, and the like.

  • Backup Routing (Beta) - This feature checks if the user is available on Aloware. Enabling it will ring the backup phone number if the user is unavailable.

  • Text Message Handling (Beta) - If you don't want this user to be assigned to text messages please uncheck "Answers text messages".

  • Change Contact Ownership - Allowing this setting will let the user assign a new contact to his ownership.

  • Allow Contact Ring Groups Modification - It is recommended for admin access only.

  • Allow Call Barge and Whisper - This allows users to talk without the contacts hearing them.

  • Can Broadcast - Allowing users to send Bulk Messages and Bulk RVMs (Ringless Voicemail) to your contacts.

  • Delete Contact - Grant the user the ability to delete a contact.

    After providing the necessary information, click the "Add" button.

  • The successfully added user will now appear in the list of users on the user dashboard.

You have the option to set the user's personal line in the Lines menu.

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