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Notifications serve as brief alerts that inform users about significant events, urgent matters, or actions needing their attention.

In the Notification Settings tab, you can configure how you want to receive notifications.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Communication Notifications

    Receive alerts for various communication activities including:

    1. Call to personal line or to the ring groups this user belongs to

      If Fisher Mode is enabled, the user will be notified.

    2. Text message to personal line or to the ring groups this user belongs to

    3. Voicemail to personal line or to the ring groups this user belongs to

    4. Fax to personal line

    5. When this user is mentioned

    6. When a contact is assigned to this user

      If a contact ownership is changed via Sequence, it will send notification to the user.

    7. When an appointment is assigned to this user

    8. When a reminder is assigned to this user

  2. Account Level Notifications (Admins Only)

    Specifically for admins, these notifications cover account-wide activities and are delivered via email, including:

    1. Billing Warnings

      Only enabled for billing admins; includes billing warning reports

      • Integration Reports - include

        • Push/Pull Users Sync

        • Contacts Sync

        • Contact Dispositions Sync

        • Call Disposition Sync

        • Failed Integration Connection Status

      • Account Reports - Enable these reports to gain insights into account activities through:

        • Daily Activity Reports

        • Daily Inbound SMS Report

        • Daily Outbound SMS Report

        • Daily Spending Report

      • Other Notifications - Stay informed about backend processes like:

        • Imports/Exports Reports

        • Webhook Failure Reports

  3. Event Notifications

    Get timely reminders for appointments or events:

    1. It is created

    2. One hour before

    3. One minute before

    4. One day before

    5. Fifteen minutes before

  4. Line Notifications

    Opt-in to receive notifications from specific lines you select.

  5. High SMS Notifications

    Be alerted when an excessive number of messages are sent in a short timeframe: Specifically, when more than 15 messages are sent from a contact within 30 seconds.

  6. Notification Channels

    Choose your preferred channels for receiving notifications. You can even specify a non-Aloware number to receive text notifications.

    Note that disabling the Text Message tab will also disable the "Send Text to Custom Number" feature. If no specific phone number is selected for text notifications, they will be sent to the user's backup phone number.

If there's no selected phone number on Send text to custom number, then the notification will be sent to the backup phone number of the user.

When a line gets more than 15 messages in 30 seconds from a contact using a single incoming number, the system will send notifications according to your preferences.

You'll receive sample notifications to see how they work.

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