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Aloware's URL Shortener shortens URLs, tracks clicks, and keeps messages visually appealing, easily toggled in the Admin account.

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Shortened URLs are widely used because they look more professional and save a lot of character space in SMS or email messaging.

Use Aloware's URL Shortener to

  • shorten long URLs in texts to avoid too-long messages

  • monitor the number of clicks

  • gives a more visually appealing message

Enabling Shortened URLs

By default, the URL shortener is enabled for all users.

  • In your Aloware (Admin) account, navigate to the Accounts menu.

  • Click the Shortened URLs tab.

  • Toggle on or off the Enable URL Shortener.

Creating Shortened URLs

Make sure that shortened URL is enabled in Accounts > Shortened URL.

Shortened URLs in Broadcast

Use shortened URLs in creating bulk messaging or Broadcasts. To do this,

  1. Go to the Broadcast menu.

  2. In the message box, add your message campaign. Aloware detects if you added a URL in the message box.

  3. A prompt will display if you want to shorten the URL you added.

  4. The long URL will be shortened and will be added to the list in the Accounts > Shortened URL where you can also track the number of clicks.

Shortened URLs in Sending SMS

Use shortened URLs in sending SMS to a contact. To do this,

  1. Go to the Contacts menu. Select a contact to send a message.

  2. In the message box, add your message with the URL.

  3. Click Send. A prompt will display to confirm if you want to use the shortened URL.

  4. Click Yes, and the shortened URL will replace the original URL.

Tracking Shortened URLs

Admins can track the number of clicks on the URL listings in Accounts > Shortened URL by scrolling down the screen.

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