Why Choose Aloware and Not JustCall?
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Aloware is a full-featured cloud-based phone system that allows you to track team performance and optimize business metrics. It offers a range of features, including call forwarding, voicemail, call logs, and virtual numbers. Additionally, tracking call duration enables more effective contact center team optimization strategies.

In this article, you will discover the functionalities of Aloware that distinguish it from JustCall.

Here are four features that put Aloware ahead of JustCall.

#1. Aloware has excellent integration with HubSpot

HubSpot is a deal-based CRM that powerfully integrates into Aloware in many ways, including deal stages. Users can set deal properties in a HubSpot workflow and trigger an Aloware sequence when a deal stage transitions. Workflow integrations don’t stop there and can accomplish other vital types of deal automation for calling, texting, or team management.

When Aloware and HubSpot integrate, ticket-based and deal-based workflows allow Aloware's actions to take place:

Check out this brief video for more

#2. Reporting

With Aloware, you'll get real-time dashboards and customizable reports. This feature lets you track your team's performance and optimize business metrics.

With a live dashboard accessible to admins, you can see every call, text, and activity happening in real-time. Monitor and evaluate agent performance through important call and status reports, and check agents in real-time with live dashboards. Collaborate with different teams within the system and customize your dashboards for more in-depth data.

You can filter calls according to dispositions and customize team functions. With our send-to-email functionality, you can send performance reports and data analytics to people outside the app.

Additionally, you can see how much time is spent on each call to implement better strategies for your contact center team. Aloware’s advanced call statistics report allows you to assess call status and quotas to see if you're meeting your goals. You can also scrutinize analytics for more detailed reporting and get the most out of automatic data gathering.

#3. 99.99% Uptime and 24/7 Support

We built Aloware with remote-first in mind, knowing that, as a service, the tool needed to maintain the highest uptime possible. Still not convinced? You should see for yourself.

As a state-of-the-art virtual business phone, Aloware allows your team to operate from anywhere globally, including directly from your CRM.

Aloware also lets you freely work on mobile devices. You can use your smartphone or desktop to send a message or hop on a phone call within the Aloware app. Aloware handles intelligent routing and autoresponders. Find customer information and touchpoints in one place for easy reference in calls and follow-ups.

All packages include the following Aloware apps:

  • Desktop App (Windows and Mac)

  • Chrome Extension

  • Mobile App

  • Web-based App

After 25 million calls (and fast-growing), we've perfected a phone system that can serve as a general-purpose contact center and a sales and support system.

Plus, you will receive access to Aloware’s 24/7 customer support as a valued customer. Our technical support team is always available to understand any issues and help resolve them.

Even if what you’re asking for isn’t possible, we still want to hear any ideas for new features you may have.

#4. Aloware offers the best international coverage and self-service subscriptions with no hidden fees.

Aloware does not have any hidden fees or charges you aren't expecting. You can take away the guesswork with your plan. Aloware's uPro plan offers unlimited inbound and outbound calls, while JustCall charges per minute for outbound calls.

Call rates vary in all supported countries. We have global coverage and self-service subscriptions, so you will know your fees and volume.

The usage dashboard shows how the organization is using the subscribed Aloware plan. It gives you a quick insight into how much resources you spend on different communication types.

The usage dashboard will include all your data from the previous period, whether charged or free. The following are some examples:

  • Users

  • Local (phone, SMS, minutes, MMS used)

  • Toll-free (phone numbers, SMS, minutes, local MMS used)

  • Local minutes

  • Fax (sent, received)

  • Ringless Voicemail

  • Answering Machine Detections

  • International Text Messages

  • Emails Sent

  • Sequence Enrollments


Aloware is the dependable choice for companies searching for a complete cloud-based phone system thanks to its 99.9% uptime, global coverage, and adaptable self-service subscriptions.

Aloware is an all-in-one contact center solution that offers easy HubSpot integration, unmatched customer care, and sophisticated reporting tools. Unlike JustCall, which charges outbound calls per minute, Aloware does not have hidden fees.

With Aloware, you can maximize your business potential.

Disclaimer: Aloware is not associated with JustCall (the name is/might be a registered trademark of its owner and is only used here for comparative purposes). Data presented is gathered from publicly available sources, including JustCall´s website, G2, and Capterra, and might only sometimes be up to date.

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