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Why Choose Aloware?
Why Aloware is better - Switching from Aircall
Why Aloware is better - Switching from Aircall
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Like Aloware, Aircall is a contact center solution that handles leads, calls, and SMS. But compared to Aircall, Aloware fosters customer relationships by bringing your business to channels they prefer. Aloware comes complete with fax, MMS, local presence, and email.

In this article, you will discover the functionalities in Aloware that distinguish it from Aircall's similar product set.

Here are five reasons why you should choose Aloware instead.

We know that sending SMS to your contacts ensures a positive customer experience. The SMS experience we have at Aloware will give your business the flexibility and convenience it needs to get customers. With Aircall, however, you would need an additional SMS integration on top of their dialer just to send texts.

With Aloware:

  1. SMS is easy to deal with and accessible to everyone.

  2. SMS lets your customers receive relevant product information, updates, and promos.

  3. SMS ensures that your customers read your SMS rather than emails.

#2. Aloware is an all-in-one platform for texting, calling, and emailing

Aloware is a robust and user-friendly contact center solution that lets you do more than just calls. You can also send text messages, emails, and other features that boost your engagement. While Aircall, on the other hand, just boasts about its dialer.

  • You can make outbound calls through the following options:

    1. Communications menu

    2. Contacts menu

    3. Power dialer

  • Managing calls helps you engage leads, support clients, and stay in touch as part of the business flow. You can answer inbound calls via

    1. Pop-up notifications

    2. Communication section

    3. Contact record

    4. HubSpot or other integrated CRMs

Besides making calls, Aloware has more ways to engage and communicate with your contacts. It includes contact engagement features like:

  1. Schedule appointments

  2. Enrolling in sequence (automation)

  3. Send emails

  4. Add notes

#3. Aloware is an industry leader in management and agent experience

Would you like your tool to be optimized for your role? You can get a more personalized approach to your workflow based on your function.

Aloware supports three (3) primary user roles representing how your team members interact with Aloware and your data: Admin, Supervisor, and Agent. It allows you to work on Aloware Admin and Aloware Talk.

Aloware Admin is primarily used by admins to manage phone numbers, users, and contacts, monitor reports, and set up integrations.

Admins have full access to everything. They can create lines, add users, delete ring groups, change routing, or modify any contact. Admins can also view their team reports, see the current status on the live wallboard, and adjust user settings.

Aloware Talk is designed specifically for users (agents) and focuses on features that enhance customer engagement.

Agents or Users have read-only access to all lines, users, contacts, and sequences. They can still communicate with contacts, make calls send messages, and see all communications. Most Aloware customers use this access level for team members, frequently called agents. Agents primarily use Aloware Talk to dial, send SMS, power dial, manage contacts, check their stats, and update their settings. Switching between Aloware Admin and Aloware Talk is as simple as clicking a button.

#4. 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support

We built Aloware with remote-first in mind, knowing that, as a service, the tool needed to maintain the highest uptime possible. As a state-of-the-art virtual business phone, Aloware allows your team to operate from anywhere globally, including directly from your CRM.

After 25 million calls (and fast-growing), we've perfected a phone system that can serve as a general-purpose contact center and a sales and support system.

Also, as a valued customer, you will receive access to Aloware's 24/7 customer support. Our technical support team is always available to understand any issues and help resolve them. If what you're asking isn't possible, we still want to hear any ideas for new features you may have.

#5. Aloware offers the best international coverage and self-service subscriptions

You can take away the guesswork with your plan.

Aloware does not have any hidden fees or charges you aren't expecting.

Plus, Aloware offers unlimited inbound and outbound calling for its uPro plan.

The usage dashboard shows how the organization is using the subscribed Aloware plan. It gives you a quick insight into how much resources you spend on different communication types.

The usage dashboard will include all your data from the previous period, whether charged or free. The following are some examples:

  1. Users

  2. Local (phone, SMS, minutes, MMS used)

  3. Toll-free (phone numbers, SMS, minutes, local MMS used)

  4. Local minutes

  5. Fax (sent, received)

  6. Ringless voicemail

  7. Answering machine detections

  8. International text messages

  9. Emails sent

  10. Sequence enrollments

International Pricing

Call rates vary in all supported countries. We have global coverage and self-service subscriptions, so you know your fees and volume.

Aloware Features

You will need more than just a sales dialer to maximize your engagements. Aloware is an all-in-one contact center solution, while Aircall acts primarily like just a business phone.

Here are some of Aloware’s more prominent features:

  • Aloware has the best power dialer in the market. It allows users to call a list of contacts individually. Users who call using power dialers will always be present when a customer answers their phone call.

    The Power Dialer automatically calls the following phone number on the contact list if it reaches a busy, unattended, or disconnected contact. You can use it if you need to contact many prospects or contacts every day.

    Aloware's Power Dialer saves users' time from manually adding contacts, making them more focused, efficient, and productive. It optimizes the user's call process by automatically calling the contacts from a created call list.

  • Aloware Sequence is a feature designed to kickstart and nurture your business and customer relationships. Sequences automate tasks that would otherwise be cumbersome and manual.

    Benefits of Aloware Sequence include:

    1. Sequence sends timely communication to suitable targets.

    2. Sequence enrolls leads automatically with the right tagging.

    3. Sequence customizes triggers and actions for a smooth business flow.

    It supports two actions:

    • Creating workflows (Steps)

    • Configuring triggers and intake

  • In the age of text messaging, businesses are abandoning emails. Instead, companies are delivering their message to a platform where customers are always on their cell phones.

    Aloware's bulk messaging feature, Broadcast, makes one-to-many SMS blasts simple, compliant, and easy to use. Whether you want to offer new promos, updates, or urgent notifications, our powerful SMS software covers you.

    The Broadcast tool allows users to send Bulk Messages and Bulk Ringless Voicemail (RVMs) to contacts for promotional and marketing purposes. This page shows the history of previous bulk messages and the ones currently running.

  • Short codes are the enterprise method of mass SMS marketing and customer outreach. Short codes are unique five-digit numbers capable of sending high volumes of SMS compared to long codes, typically 10-digit numbers.

  • HubSpot is a deal-based CRM that powerfully integrates into Aloware with its deal stages. Users can set deal properties in a HubSpot workflow and trigger an Aloware sequence when a deal stage transitions. Workflow integrations continue beyond there and can accomplish other vital types of deal automation for calling, texting, or team management.

    When Aloware and HubSpot integrate, ticket-based and deal-based workflows allow Aloware's four actions to take place:


Aloware's superior all-in-one, deep integration solution matches Aircall's dialer capabilities and offers far more with SMS, automation suite, and 24/7 support.

Disclaimer: Aloware is not associated with Aircall (the name is/might be a registered trademark of its owner and is only used here for comparative purposes). Data presented is gathered from publicly available sources, including Aircall's website, G2, and Capterra, and might only sometimes be up to date.

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