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What Makes Aloware the Best Solution for Your Business Compared to Kixie?
What Makes Aloware the Best Solution for Your Business Compared to Kixie?
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Aloware is an all-in-one solution that lets you maximize your productivity and revenue. Many factors come into consideration when selecting a superb contact center solution. Not only does it have to do what it's supposed to, but it has to do it very well. It must help you reach your fullest potential and maximize the capabilities of your CRM. And most importantly, it has to be cost-effective.

Throughout this article, we will examine how Aloware is superior to Kixie.


Aloware boasts more flexible billing options with lower prices and no hidden fees. You don't need a credit card; you can try it for free for 7 days.

Aloware has different plans depending on your use case. Aloware plans include unlimited inbound/outbound agent minutes & SMS. Pro series plans have limitless inbound minutes. Plus, all local inbound calls are free.

Aloware Plans

  • uPro plans

Customers love our uPro plans. You can call local numbers inbound or outbound, and you pay for the number of users and rentals in your account.

Broadcasting and sequences are available with the uPro plan.

  • xPro plans

Aloware's power dialer consumes considerable minutes. Thus, we designed the xPro plan series for sales teams using Aloware's power dialer. The xPro series allows unlimited inbound and outbound calls while using performance tools.

Like uPro, the broadcast and sequences features are available under this plan. Click here to learn more about pricing.

On the other hand, Kixie’s professional plan costs $65 per month. It costs $5 more compared to Aloware’s uPro plans. And to make things worse, only users from the US and Canada can add an extra $30 for unlimited minutes.

One of the biggest complaints about Kixie is its poor CRM integration.

Alternatively, Aloware integrates natively with most CRMs, and we use Zapier for additional integrations. With the bidirectional integration, you can see the call and text data in your CRM, make calls from CRM lists, and record agent activities in your CRM reports.

With Aloware, you can stay on top of every account. Cover all your channels with Aloware's phone system plugged into the CRMs listed below.

Besides automating calling and texting, Aloware integrates over a dozen apps with Zapier.

With Aloware's advanced calling and texting capabilities and Zapier's almost limitless workflow possibilities, you can automate your workflows in minutes and save work hours weekly.

Click here to learn about premade templates that connect Aloware to your tool of choice.

Kixie's power dialer only allows list-view dialing.

On the other hand, Aloware features a power dialer that is 3x faster. It will enable you to call clients quickly. Automate voicemails, follow-up calls, email blasts, and SMS messages to generate leads. Our power dialer maximizes your efficiency.

You can also contact leads as soon as a new agent becomes available, eliminating the extra hassle of having an automated local caller ID. Plus, you can enhance customer service with your CRM integration.

With Aloware, you can check agent performance better with call dispositions tagged after each call. It also comes with call scripts, so you'll be able to conduct more sales calls consistently. Finally, Aloware's Power Dialer saves you time by cutting out time spent recording voicemails with pre-recorded voicemail drops.

Aloware is an all-in-one contact center. It's much easier to manage leads, calls, and text messages with Aloware's cloud contact center. You can also send images, gifs, and other multimedia (MMS) messages with Aloware's two-way SMS. Simply copy and paste, and your message is ready. Compared to Aloware, Kixie is just a sales dialer.

These features help you develop strong customer relationships across all channels. With Aloware, you can talk to your customers wherever they prefer. Your team can use a state-of-the-art virtual business phone, even your CRM, from anywhere.

Aloware lets you make high-quality voice and text calls using a local or toll-free number and is ready to use in 3 minutes. There is no hardware to install, nor do you have to switch tabs or enter data. To top it all off, Aloware provides guided configuration and 24/7 support for all your needs.

Aloware employs intelligent routing and autoresponders to ensure you address all new leads. You can reference customer information and touchpoints during follow-up.


Investing in sales dialer systems is an asset for every business. You must consider every detail when using a contact center solution to find and nurture leads.

Aloware is the ideal solution for businesses seeking a comprehensive contact center solution that maximizes productivity and revenue.

Aloware is the perfect tool for helping companies stay ahead of the curve, thanks to its flexible billing options, powerful CRM integration, faster power dialer, and all-in-one contact center capabilities. Also, Aloware's pricing plans are significantly lower than Kixie's and include unlimited minutes with the option to try it for free for 7 days.

Aloware integrates natively with most CRMs and has a 3x faster power dialer than Kixie, which has poor CRM integration and limited capabilities. Aloware outperforms Kixie, which is only a sales dialer, with its ability to handle high-quality voice and text calls and multimedia messaging.

Finally, Aloware dedicates itself to providing its customers with the best possible experience, offering 24-hour support, intelligent routing, and autoresponders.

Aloware customers praise the support and overall positive impact it has on their sales teams.

Try Aloware for 7 days free (no credit card required) and see how it will supercharge your sales team.

Make every call count with Aloware, the market's most user-friendly contact center solution.

Disclaimer: Aloware is not associated with Kixie (the name is/might be a registered trademark of its owner and is only used here for comparative purposes). Data presented is gathered from publicly available sources, including KIxie's website, G2, and Capterra, and might only sometimes be up to date.

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