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Migrating from Kixie to Aloware: Your Comprehensive Onboarding Guide
Migrating from Kixie to Aloware: Your Comprehensive Onboarding Guide
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Hello and welcome to Aloware! We're excited to have you on board, but before we get started, here are a few features you might find interesting as a former Kixie user.

One of the limitations of Kixie’s Power Dialer is that it only allows list-view dialing. With Aloware, you can contact leads as soon as a new agent becomes available.

Aloware's Power Dialer frees you from the time-consuming process of manually entering contacts, allowing you to be more focused, efficient, and productive.

It improves the user's call process by calling contacts one by one from a call list that the user has created. You can avoid contacts whose time zones are outside of regular business hours. You can also sort contacts by tags or engagements.

How to Add Contacts to Power Dialer

  1. Navigate to the Power Dialer.

  2. In the Power Dialer List section, click the + button.

  3. Select List > Create from the existing contact list.

  4. Select from any available list and click the Create button.

  5. In the Power Dialer Options, set the following settings:

    1. Conversion Options

      1. Turn multiple numbers into separate tasks - Any non-primary numbers of contact will be turned into separate tasks.

      2. Prevent duplicate phone numbers - By default, all contacts with the same numbers will not be added again.

      3. Add international numbers.

    2. Where do you want to add these tasks?

      1. In queue - default

      2. Scheduled - if you want to call these contacts at a later time.

  6. Click the OK button once done.

  7. The contacts in the list will be displayed in the Power Dialer interface.

How to Start a Power Dialing Session

  1. Click the Start Dialing button once you are satisfied with the list of contacts you have selected.

  2. Session Settings will display to set up functions before your power-dialing session.

    1. New

    2. Personal Section

    3. Company Section

    4. Basics

      1. Line - set the line to use for calling

      2. Skip Outside Daytime Hours - it automatically skips contacts beyond business hours.

      3. Warm-up Period - customize the time before the dialer makes the next call.

      4. Phone Script - this will display during the power dialing session

      5. Customizations

        1. Set Call Disposition Shortcuts - user can set call outcome statuses.

        2. Set Contact Disposition Shortcuts - The user can define contact status.

        3. Set Session Metrics - define metrics that will measure the performance of the call.

        4. Set VM Drop Shortcuts - allows users to choose from a predefined list of VMs to drop after a call is concluded.

  3. Click the Save button to save your settings, which will be displayed under the Personal Section.

  4. Click the Begin Dialing button to start your Power Dialing session.

For more information about Power Dialer, click here.

#2. Full-on Contact Center Solution

Aloware lets you make high-quality voice and text calls using a local or toll-free number. You can also send images, GIFs, and other multimedia (MMS) messages with Aloware's two-way SMS capability. These features help you develop strong customer relationships across all channels. There is no hardware to install, nor do you have to switch tabs or enter data.

How to Send an SMS in Aloware

  1. At the top right of the page, click the phone icon.

  2. Click Message to switch to messaging.

  3. Select which Line you would like to use.

  4. Enter a contact's name or phone number.

  5. Please type in your Message in the message box.

  6. After writing your Text, click Send.

Aloware automatically assigns dispositions for Passive Communications, which users can't modify or change. Aloware defines these based on the routing status of the communication.

Default dispositions include:

  • In-progress

  • Completed

  • Failed

  • Invalid

Click here to read more about Contact, Call, and SMS Dispositions.

Setting an Appointment

  1. Clicking the appointment button will set up an appointment with your contact.

  2. You can set an SMS notification to remind the user of the appointment.

Use Sequence to Create SMS workflows

  1. Go to Sequence -> Steps tab, and click the +Add Step.

  2. Select Send SMS Message from the list of Sequence Step Types that allows you to send an automatic text message to the enrolled contacts.

  3. Setup your SMS Messaging:

    1. Select the Delay time from the previous step and this current step.

      1. No Delay - the current step will take action right after the last step.

      2. Default Delay - select the duration in minutes, hours, or days.

      3. Time of Day - select the delay in days and the time of this current step in the process.

    2. Create your personalized text message within the 160-character limit.

    3. Click the Add Step button to save the sequence.

Send Emails

Users can also send emails to contacts with email information in their records.

Add Notes

Notes prevent you from repeating yourself on calls and let you tailor calls to your contacts' needs.

For more information about Contact Engagement Features in Aloware Talk, click here.

Flexible billing options with lower prices and no hidden fees

Aloware has different plans depending on your use case. Plans include unlimited inbound/outbound agent minutes & and SMS. Kixie's professional plan costs $5 more than Aloware's uPro plans. They also offer a free trial period but for only seven days. Only users from the US and Canada can add an extra $30 for unlimited minutes.

On top of that, Aloware has a usage dashboard that allows you to monitor your organization's use of the Aloware plan to which you have subscribed. It contains data on local and toll-free phone calls, SMS and MMS messages, and faxes sent and received.

To learn more about Aloware Billing, click here.

Bidirectional Integration

With Aloware, you can stay on top of every account. You can see the call and text data in your CRM, make calls from CRM lists, and record agent activities in your CRM reports. Aloware integrates natively with most CRMs, and we use Zapier for additional integrations.

Here’s a list of integrations we support:

  • CRMs and Helpdesk

    Aloware integrates with a range of popular CRMs, that allow you to sync your customer data between Aloware and your CRM, and access customer information within Aloware.

  • Email

    Aloware integrates with mail automation tools to automate the marketing communication process and improve lead generation and nurturing.

  • Call Analytics

  • Other Integrations

    Aloware also integrates with productivity tools, and marketing automation tools that allow you to streamline your communication and collaboration processes.

Why use Aloware's Zapier Integration?

With Zapier integration, you can automate actions inside and outside Aloware.

Automate Actions Inside Aloware

If an event happens outside Aloware, you can automate:

  • Update or create an Aloware contact.

  • Send an SMS to an Aloware contact.

Automate Actions Outside Aloware

If an event happens inside Aloware (see webhook events), you can automate:

  • External Zapier app actions

Set Up Automation of an Action Inside Aloware

  1. Login or create a Zapier account. Go to Dashboard.

  2. Create a new Zap on the Dashboard by selecting a Trigger, and an Action.

    1. Select a Trigger App (e.g., Typeform) and an Action App (Aloware).

    2. Select the Action and Trigger Apps' Actions.

    3. Click Try it.

  3. Click Get Started

    1. If asked, authenticate the Trigger App and select the relevant forms.

    2. If asked, authenticate the Aloware App. Provide your Aloware account's API token found under (Integrations > Lead API).

  4. Map the Data

    1. Select the Aloware fields that the Trigger App can provide.

    2. Map the Trigger App fields to the Aloware fields.


  5. Test the Zap

    1. Click Send Test to test. Check Aloware for the newly created contact.

    2. You may have to re-configure some of the mapped variables to appear correctly.

  6. Turn it on

    1. Click Turn on Zap.

    2. Click Manage Zaps or click Zapier logo > Zaps. You should now see your newly created Zap.

To learn more about Zapier Integration, please click here.

As a new Aloware user, we hope these features benefit you the most. We at Aloware dedicate ourselves to providing you with a fantastic contact center experience you can’t find anywhere else. We trust that the information above gave you a better grasp of our features and how to use them.

We want your move to Aloware to be as smooth and effective as possible. To help you transition from Kixie to Aloware even further, here is an outline of our onboarding process.

Again, thank you for choosing Aloware, and welcome!

We are excited to work with you.

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