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Frequently Asked Questions: Smart Transcription
Frequently Asked Questions: Smart Transcription
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Welcome to Smart Transcription FAQs!

Experience the power of Aloware's Smart Transcription feature for accurate call transcriptions, effortless review, and analysis of your calls. Easily access transcriptions, search for keywords, and unlock valuable insights to enhance customer interactions.

Get ready to revolutionize your call analysis with the remarkable capabilities of Smart Transcription!

General Questions:

  1. What is Aloware Smart Transcription?
    Aloware Smart Transcription is a tool that converts call recordings into text, offering several benefits for businesses.

  2. What are the advantages of using Smart Transcription in call monitoring?
    Smart Transcription simplifies call monitoring by providing transcriptions, organization, and categorization of calls, enabling keyword detection and improving the overall understanding of call content.

  3. What types of information can Smart Transcription redact automatically from call transcriptions?
    Smart Transcription can automatically redact sensitive information such as names, credit card details, dates, medical information, and more. A full list of redacted words is available.

Using Smart Transcription:

  1. How do I enable Smart Transcription for users in Aloware?
    Smart Transcription can be enabled either at the user level or for all users from the Admin account. Detailed steps for both methods are provided in the article.

  2. What is the minimum talk time required for Smart Transcription to transcribe a call?
    Smart Transcription transcribes calls with a duration greater than 15 seconds, but this limit can be adjusted by contacting Aloware support for longer calls.

  3. Can I customize the transcriptions with industry-specific keywords and terms?
    Yes, you can improve transcriptions by adding custom keywords and phrases relevant to your business, making the transcriptions more tailored to your needs.

  4. How can I access and review call transcriptions in Aloware?
    To review call transcriptions, you can access them through the Dashboard under the Transcription Tab. Specific steps for accessing and viewing transcriptions are provided in the article.

Smart Transcription Analysis:

  1. What information does the Smart Transcription Analysis Page provide?
    The Smart Transcription Analysis Page offers insights into the tone of the conversation, audio recordings, categorized call content, highlighted keywords, and custom keyword frequency by speaker.

  2. How does Smart Transcription determine the sentiment of a call?
    Smart Transcription detects the sentiment of each sentence spoken in your audio files and categorizes them as Positive, Negative, or Neutral, providing an overall sentiment analysis for the call.

  3. What is the purpose of the "Talk Time" feature in Smart Transcription?
    The "Talk Time" feature defines the duration of the conversation between the agent and the contact, allowing you to gauge the balance of participation in the call.

Smart Transcription Dashboard:

  1. What is the Smart Transcription Dashboard and why is it valuable?
    The Smart Transcription Dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of transcription information, helping businesses understand customer interactions, make informed decisions, and identify areas for improvement.

  2. Who can access the Smart Transcription Dashboard?
    Only Admins and users who have subscribed to the Smart Transcription feature can access and utilize the Smart Transcription Dashboard.

  3. How can I access the Smart Transcription Dashboard?
    Accessing the Smart Transcription Dashboard is as simple as going to the Dashboard and clicking on the Transcription tab, as explained in the article.

Filters and Data Analysis:

  1. What are the benefits of using filters in the Smart Transcription Dashboard?
    Filters allow you to narrow down the data, focus on specific properties of interest, and gain valuable insights from your transcribed calls.

  2. How can I adjust the filters to refine my data analysis in the Smart Transcription Dashboard?
    You can adjust filters by accessing the Transcription Panel tab and selecting specific properties for filtering, as described in the article. You can also clear filters when needed.

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