Two-Factor Authentication in Aloware
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In our efforts to deliver a secure contact center experience, we enabled two-factor authentication (2FA) on all Aloware accounts on Sept 5th, 2023.

Next time you log in to Aloware (from, the admin console, or, Aloware Talk), and as usual, enter your username and password, you'll be prompted with a new screen like this:

Instead of logging you directly into the app, Aloware sends you an email with a secure code to log you in. Simply copy the secure login code back into Aloware. The email looks like the picture below with a bolded code.

Why is this necessary?

Aloware has grown to a size where implementing 2FA is required to protect all customer and consumer data. Since we hold consumer phone number data in Aloware, we've taken this extra step to respect cyber security regulations.

This is quite cumbersome, can I opt out?

At this time there is no way to turn off 2FA on client accounts. You may use the "remember me" checkbox to keep yourself logged in for up to 30 days. After 30 days, you would need to log in again.

Why do you include my IP and location in the email?

There has been a rise in cybersecurity attacks towards US companies purported by bad actors globally. We include the location information of the user requesting to log in to your account so you can determine if it's an unauthorized user. In the case the IP address or location doesn't match yours, be rest assured that your account is secure and no one can log in without the secure link provided by our 2FA.

What if I don't have access to my email?

We understand that you might lose access to your email, or the original user email address is not monitored (it's a shared corporate email). In that case, please contact our support team to verify your identity and get the right email address on the account.

Do I have to do this to use the mobile apps too?

Our mobile apps utilize a different risk mitigation technique that currently does not require 2FA. We are aiming to launch 2FA for mobile apps later this year.

We share our Aloware account with multiple agents. What do we do?

In general, sharing logins to any computer system is a bad idea, as it goes against basic security principles for your company.

Additionally, Aloware's terms of service do NOT allow account sharing.

Please add those agents as new users to keep your account secure, and customer information safe.

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