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Enhancing Call Management: Force Call & Contact Disposition in Aloware
Enhancing Call Management: Force Call & Contact Disposition in Aloware
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Force Call Disposition and Contact Disposition

Aloware has added two helpful features to accurately document call outcomes: Force Call Disposition and Force Contact Disposition.

These features help make sure that after a call, everything that needs to be done is done properly before moving on to the next one. Let's take a closer look at what these updates mean.

You can find and activate these features in the Account Menu under Calling Settings. It is important to note that only admins can adjust these settings.

Simple and Efficient

With these new features, as soon as a call or contact is done, Aloware ensures you finish documenting the call and contact dispositions before doing anything else.

You can't use the back button, make another call, or change your online status until you've completed the dispositions for the call you just finished.

This helps make sure every call is wrapped up neatly.

For Outbound Calls

When you finish making a call, you have to complete the dispositions. The system stops the clock and waits for you to finish it. Once you're done, everything goes back to normal, and you can move on to your next task.

For Power Dialer Sessions

If you're using the Power Dialer to make a series of calls, it works a bit differently.

When you end a call, Aloware highlights in red that you need to finish the dispositions. It's a clear sign that you must do this before anything else.

After you're done, the timer starts again, and you can continue calling the next person on your list, making sure you're not skipping any steps.

Why It Matters

These updates are all about making sure no call is left without a proper ending. This way, every customer gets the attention they deserve, and nothing gets missed. It makes your job easier because it keeps everything organized and ensures you're ready for the next call.

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