Types of Fast Dialing
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In the sales dialer world, there are 4 types of dialers available to sales reps to help them increase their outbound calling volume. In this article, we will provide a short overview of Aloware's capabilities with each dialer type.

Preview dialer

A preview dialer, by definition, hunts for an AGENT before calling a consumer. The preview dialer is useful when you want to tell the agent who they are getting on a call with, and can be used in Aloware Sequences.

For example, let's say a lead just fills out a form on your website. The lead comes to Aloware via one of the integrations (such as form capture), and this sequence picks up the lead. The sequence will then call up all agents in your sales department, getting them on the line, playing a message like "Hey, we are about to connect you with Mike from Los Angeles", and then, it dials the customer.

Progressive Dialer

Aloware's progressive dialer dials leads, and if they pick up the call, and press one, will connect them to an agent within a ring group.

Progressive dialer ensures that your sales reps are only taking calls from interested consumers.

For example, let's say you have a list of 1000 customers you want to remind of their next appointment. You can enroll this list into a progressive dial session, the progressive dialer will call up 10 customers at a time, playing a message like "Hi, this is XYZ automotive, wanted to remind you of your next service. Press 1 to speak to an agent". And then, when the customer presses 1, the call will be connected to your agents.

Power Dialer

Aloware's power dialer helps you call a list of contacts one by one without the need to look for the phone number or enter the phone number manually. This optimizes the calling process, making it more focused, efficient, and productive. Furthermore, Aloware's power dialer can work on lists imported from CSV, excel, and integrations (HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive). You can read more about the power dialer here.

Note that the power dialer, by definition, enables agents to call leads one by one, and cannot do multiple calling.

Predictive Dialer

Aloware does NOT have a predictive dialer in the traditional sense, mainly because we are opposed to the whole blind-telemarketing concept.

By definition, a predictive dialer is a dialer that calls more leads than it has agents available with a ratio.

For example with a 5:1 ratio, you would have 5 agents, and make 25 simultaneous calls at the same time, for any call that answers it would connect back to the agents, and if there are more calls than agents, it would disconnect. Here at Aloware, we want to provide a TCPA-compliant application that enables sales reps to 3x their calling volume while staying compliant with FTC and FCC rulings. Hence, Aloware will not provide a predictive dialer solution.

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