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Exploring Aloware Talk's Call Waiting Feature: Seamlessly Manage Incoming Calls
Exploring Aloware Talk's Call Waiting Feature: Seamlessly Manage Incoming Calls
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Effective call management is essential in today's fast-paced business environment. Aloware understands this and provides a comprehensive suite of features to enhance your calling experience. One of these features is the Call Waiting functionality, which allows users to handle incoming calls while they are already on a call.

In this article, we will explore how Aloware's Call Waiting feature works and how it simplifies call management.

Call Waiting: A Brief Overview

Call Waiting is a widely used feature that enables individuals to receive incoming calls while already on an active call. It provides a notification when someone attempts to contact you, allowing you to decide whether to accept the new call or continue the ongoing one.

Aloware's implementation of this feature takes call management to the next level.

To learn how to enable the Call Waiting feature, refer to the guide provided in this article.

Understanding How Call Waiting Works in Aloware Talk

Call Waiting in Aloware Talk ensures a seamless experience with various functionalities.

  • Answering the Inbound Call

    Upon receiving an incoming call while engaged in a conversation, a notification will appear on your desktop app screen. This notification ensures that you are aware of the new inbound call.

    You can then make a choice: either continue your current call or respond to the incoming one. The call status is also conveniently displayed on the right side of the contact's name in the Inbox panel, keeping you informed about the ongoing call.

When an incoming call comes to a personal line, the call will be in "call waiting" for a short time instead of directing to voicemail immediately.

  1. Click the call icon to answer the call.

  2. The call status also displays on the right side of the contact's name in the Inbox panel.

  • Switching between Calls

    If another call arrives while you are already on a call, Aloware Talk provides an additional notification. This notification enables you to answer or ignore the incoming call from the Inbox panel itself, without any disruption to your ongoing conversation.

    You can answer or ignore the call even in the Inbox panel.

    Upon clicking the call icon from the New Inbound Call notification, two options are presented:

  • Park Current Call and Connect

    Selecting this option will place your active call on hold while connecting you to the new inbound call.

    Aloware Talk displays the current status of both calls in the Inbox panel. To resume the parked call, simply click the purple call icon, instantly un-parking it.

  • Hang up the Current Call and Connect

    Should you choose this option, your ongoing call will be disconnected, and you will be connected to the new inbound call seamlessly. This ensures that you can transition smoothly between conversations, depending on your priorities and the nature of the incoming call.

  • Ignoring the Call

    In some instances, you may decide to proceed with your ongoing call and ignore the new inbound call. Aloware Talk facilitates this by offering a red call icon that allows you to ignore the incoming call.

    You can ignore the call from various interfaces, including the Inbox and the dial pad.

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