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Setting up User's Personalization Settings

The Personalization tab is where you set your user automatically to "always available" after login, display assigned contacts, and set the wrap-up duration after the call.

  1. Focus Mode

    Only shows "My Contacts" that are assigned to the agent.

  2. Smart Transcription

    This allows your agent's calls to be transcribed and helps to categorize and assess the quality of calls.

    To enable Smart Transcription, follow these steps:

    1. Select the user from the Users menu to configure the settings.

    2. To enable the Smart Transcription feature, go to the Personalization tab and toggle the switch. This will activate the feature specifically for the selected user.

    For more information on Smart Transcription, please refer to the comprehensive guide provided.

  3. URL Shortener

    Enable the URL Shortener for SMS/MMS forms for this user. You can also enforce this setting in the Account Menu.

  4. Available by Default, But Allow Manual Changes

    By default, Aloware marks an agent as "Offline" after they log in or remain idle for 5 minutes. Enabling this feature will keep the agent's status as "Available" even after logging in or being inactive for 5 minutes. You can also enforce this setting in the Account menu.

    โ€‹For mobile app users, Aloware will always route calls to the app. Desktop users are considered "online" when logged in, and their connection status isn't checked.

  5. Wrap up Duration

    This shows the amount of time the user has before returning to the next available call. You can also enforce this setting in the Account menu.

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