HighLevel Features Overview with Aloware
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Aloware's integration with HighLevel offers a streamlined approach to enhance customer interactions and automate marketing activities. This article will guide you thtorugh the main features of this integration, providing a comprehensive overview.

  1. The integration supports two-way data synchronization. This means that any updates to customer information in either Aloware or HighLevel are automatically reflected across both platforms, ensuring that all user data remains current and synchronized.

  2. Adding Aloware SMS Messenger to your HighLevel account greatly improves your ability to send messages. This setup lets you use different types of media like MMS, GIFs, WAV files, JPEGs, PNGs, CSV files, and MP4 videos. It also carefully handles compliance rules to make sure your messages meet all regulations.

  3. Activate the Aloware Chrome extension to call contacts in HighLevel platform. This feature includes call scripts, recording capabilities, call transfers, voicemail drops, and other advanced telephony functions, making it easier to connect with customers and prospects directly from the CRM interface.

  4. Use Aloware to import contacts directly into HighLevel and manage them through dynamic workflows. Set up automated text and call campaigns in Aloware sequences to enhance engagement and follow-up efficiency with minimal manual intervention.

  5. Comprehensive Call Tracking

    Track both inbound and outbound calls within HighLevel. Aloware logs all call activities, providing detailed insights and analytics to help understand and optimize communication strategies.

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